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I read on CNN that the bear 'blanket' was a gift from her father, who had shot it while hunting. As Governor I think the office decor should definitely reflect the state you represent (anyone remember Super Troopers?!), but I do think the life-size bear blanket is a bit much.

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9/3/08 08:43 AM

im absolutely infatuated...

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7/30/08 10:25 AM

fantastic idea...but I love the headboard reflected in the mirror even more! Where did you get it?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Painted Mirror#comments
6/30/08 12:01 PM

There's a garden store by me (Madison, NJ) that always has an array of these chairs outside painted in bold, solid colors (orange, yellow, blue, green) Everytime I drive by I want to stop and get at least three, but then I remember I have no backyard to put them in...or front stoop for that matter...

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6/25/08 10:37 AM