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Prior owners made two remodel mistakes. First, the kitchen is a galley kitchen and there is only one light switch. We have to walk the full length of the kitchen in the dark and feel around for the switch. The other mistake is the only outlet (with 2 plug outlets) in the kitchen is by the smallest part of the countertop, a 18" x 15" square next to the stove. We have to switch out the coffee machine, toaster, crock pot etc to use it. And there aren't enough cupboards so we take whatever we switch out to the garage.

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12/13/13 07:01 PM

My safety drink is the same it was in college: vodka/bourbon/gin/rum on ice. I have been to a bad bar that did not have vodka or gin. Only a very suspect rum, Wild Turkey and Southern Comfort. If only the glasses had been clean...

My best friend swears by Bloody Mary or Campari on the rocks.

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5/9/12 05:27 PM