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This one is delicious, and more buttercream:

How Do I Make Fluffy Chocolate Ganache Frosting? Good Questions
6/20/14 09:52 AM

Also, when I see high end designed homes that have opted to keep their vintage tile (which I think is the greenest option as well), keeping as much white around the tiles and using color in the decorating is often the cleanest, most modern look. That being said, I have seen pink bathrooms with black and white pattern wallpaper that look great. Depends if you're a minimalist or a maximalist.

Color Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/9/14 10:33 AM

I love retrorenovation, but they often go for kitschy color combos, which is fun, but not my style. I also have a vintage pink tile bathroom (which I have come to enjoy) and have opted for a Marni color scheme (see link below). Marni colors would actually work well for both the pink and the olive. Also, palette websites like Color Collective and Design Seeds can help.

Color Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/9/14 10:00 AM

It looks a lot like a C. Jere piece. They can sell for big money, so look for a signature, which looks like this:

Not the same item, but here's an example on 1st dibs:

Is This Ship Sculpture Worth Something? Good Questions
5/8/14 08:55 AM

Sage pesto! Just replace basil with a mix of sage and Italian parsley. Seems like the sage would be too strong, but it mellows out.

What Are Some Great Ways to Use Up Leftover Sage? Good Questions
5/6/14 09:23 AM

Sorry, those are the Kitchenaid mixers I was describing.

Should I Buy a KitchenAid or a Kenwood Stand Mixer? Good Questions
3/4/14 04:21 PM

Apparently, the old ones that are so reliable and hardy are the "Hobart" ones made in Ohio. My K45 was made c. 1970s (I got it at an estate sale) and works great. If you decide to look on Ebay, the Hobart marking is pressed into the metal circle on the base that holds the bowl in place. Not sure of the date range when the Ohio factory was making the stand mixers.

Should I Buy a KitchenAid or a Kenwood Stand Mixer? Good Questions
3/4/14 04:20 PM

AKA Misato radish. Delicious raw and sliced thin in a salad.

What Is This Mystery Root Vegetable? Good Questions
1/24/14 10:01 AM

On a related topic, I made home-made ricotta this Thanksgiving and had a terrible time with the burnt milk on an enameled cast iron pot. Would this method work for milk?

The Best Way to Clean a Sticky Pot After Making Caramels and Candies Tips from The Kitchn
12/3/13 03:03 PM

I'm with God is in the Details. Juxtapose with a super-modern/minimalist table.

How Can I Modernize Pressback Chairs? Good Questions
8/28/13 12:22 PM

I also don't love blue cheese as much as I'd like. Or broccoli for that matter, but somehow it all goes really well together. The version I do cooks up some garlic first, deglazed with some white wine, then add the cheese, etc.

Blue Cheese Recipes for People Who Don't Love Blue Cheese? Good Questions
8/16/13 09:28 AM

I support the gallery wall idea. Either mute it with prints of similar colors, or better, add in a few other small "bad taste" pics of a different genre so it looks purposeful. All "good taste" can be very boring. Sparky's art wall in Columbia, MO is a good model (though it doesn't have to be so many to work):

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/25/13 10:37 AM

The Home Office and Playlist of
Lab Partners Lifework

5/3/13 04:43 PM

I had an apartment with a wood paneled living room like this, and I agree with previous posters in that 2 things really looked good on the walls: large-ish, light colored art (like vintage movie posters, for example, or a large piece of fabric), and gilded mirrors. Also, rugs help it from being all wood, all the time. I like oriental style or bright kilims.

Help with Decor For Wood-Paneled Living Room? Good Questions
4/11/13 10:00 AM

I pickled some turnips kimchi-style, with a recipe I found on this site (I think). They are nice on salads.

What Can I Make With a Plethora of Turnips? Good Questions
1/4/13 09:18 AM

Hey! I have that very same G-Plan coffee table. Got it at Design Goes Pop in Manchester ages ago. Love it!

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/30/12 12:57 PM

I honestly hated my pink bathroom at first, but over time (and after toning it down) have come to appreciate it. I've got some tile damage and may have to redo the it at some point, but I will keep my pink sink and tub. Do donate to salvage (or Craig's list, or the seller's section on if you decide to gut. Somebody will go nuts for your fixtures!

Options For Pink Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
10/17/12 12:01 PM

No one else has recommended it, but after a lot of testing against all the other elements in my house (Maple-y wood floor, wood trim, stone fireplace, existing furniture), I went with BM Bone White, which is warm and creamy, but still reads quite neutral. I think my art and walnut furniture looks good next to it. Good luck!

Which White Paint Should I Choose? Good Questions
10/9/12 12:52 PM

I like the soft but not thick Restoration "Turkish" towels. Often you can get them from their outlets for relatively cheap.

Where Can I Find Non-Fluffy Towels?? Good Questions
9/17/12 01:28 PM

It is maybe not regionally specific to the Central Valley, but Sacramento's Taylor's Market sells the best own brand tartar sauce. We get it mail ordered to Illinois.

What's Your Favorite Regional Condiment?
8/14/12 12:15 PM