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Please keep the knotty pine. Don't paint it! It is classic, good quality wood, in good condition. Some people dream of this stuff. It you want to remodel the room, tear out the green carpet. That'll make a huge update. You could change the upholstery and bedding colors, as well. The knotty pine is just the essence of this loft room.

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/15/12 01:15 PM

I have been on both sides of this issues. I used to be a tenant and now I'm landlord. Here's my best advice. Basic improvements and temporary changes are fine. Just leave behind what you removed, when you leave. Window treatments, shower curtains, plants, etc. are fine. Most landlords won't want to be bothered with these questions. Don't expect to be reimbursed for your improvements if you don't ask the landlord. As far as permanent changes based on your personal preference, such as paint, fixture switches, tiling, or major landscaping redos...ASK your landlord. Your landlord worked to install what is there and they picked it out. Their name is on the title. Not yours. That's why people save money to buy a house, so they can change whatever they want. The advantages of renting are not having to make your own repairs. The disadvantages are having to deal with someone else's taste and schedule. The landlord may make you pay for undoing these changes out of your deposit. If you ask, most landlords will be fine with the changes as long as you get their approval on colors. Some will even help you make the changes or knock off some rent if you do the work. If you paint, be sure to leave behind a can of that color of paint, even if it's empty, so they can match it to make touch-ups. Landlords appreciate your willingness to customize, because it means you intend to stay longer. The worst they can say is no and then you don't risk losing your deposit. There's no excuse not be able to ask. Include a note when you mail the rent check or paypal. Remember if you are not the owner, you're not the boss. If you're into serious home remodeling, start saving and buy your own property. With freedom to choose decor comes the responsibility of maintenance. I used to rent, but now I own my own home and a rental property. The major decor choices are mine, because I have to maintain, rent out, or sell the property later. Renters can leave it at any time.

Working on a Rental Without Permission
5/7/12 10:42 PM