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I'm hoping they have a stack of 'em sitting in the basement that they give to everyone for a wedding gift and haven't really looked at them in years. :)

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 06:00 PM

Some of these comments are pretty good, so I'm sure I'm not going to "win" the worst gift received, but... I got married in January to a woman (and I'm a woman), so it was lesbian wedding. Neither of us were in the closet, and everyone invited knew that we were both women. When we opened our gifts after getting back from our honeymoon, we received a large, ornate silver picture frame from some good family friends of mine that say, "Mr. & Mrs." very large above the place where you'd put the picture. Um... thanks? I had a hard time writing the thank you note for that one. lol.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 04:02 PM

While we're at it, please help me out! I too just bought a house, and here's a pic of the color scheme:

I don't need a paint color; rather, I need to do something about those cabinets! They're painted in a DARK black-brown (similar to the ones above), but it's a high gloss paint that is stick/tacky feeling. We like the tin backsplash, which is dull and reflects very little light. The hardware is plastic spray-painted silver. We'll be replacing that ASAP. These are old cabinets, with even the hinges painted over. Whatwould you all recommend? repaint all of them? Paint the top cabinets a lighter color than the bottom? Save up and replace them with new cabinetry? The other half of the kitchen (galley kitchen) looks the same.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/14/14 11:49 AM

I personally LOVE the blue, but a little goes a LONG way. If it were me and I didn't have to match my current furniture, I would add the backsplash as suggested and paint the other (non-kitchen) walls a neutral light grey color but keep that bright blue around the cabinets.

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/14/14 10:12 AM

That is a really cute chair! Still, I am pretty sure that if I pay $600 for a single chair, I would rather it come assembled. I'm sure it feels sturdy now...

In the Test Lab: Assembling a Felix Chair
4/4/14 10:54 AM

LOL. I am really disappointed because I have been looking for a color very close to this to paint a piece of furniture in my bright craft room. I totally fell for it at first.

Pantone Announces Seasonal Schedule & New Color for Spring 2014!
4/1/14 01:32 PM

Also, please don't say anyone can line dry outside. Some of us live in places where the wind blows so hard half the year it's hard to walk straight, and there is so much dirt in the air that the sky is brown.

Quick Cleaning Tip: Keep Baseboards Cleaner With Fabric Softner
3/31/14 10:59 AM

I would never do this *without* the bag because I would have no basil left, thanks to my cats, who would love to munch on it!

The Best Way to Keep Basil Fresh
7/31/13 10:24 AM

When I was 15, an ice storm knocked out the power in the house for two weeks. My dad brought in the old gas camping stove from the garage so we could cook food. The first day everyone was gone and I was left to my own devices to try to cook something, I turned the knob on the stove and couldn't figure out why it wasn't getting hot. I turned it to high, and nothing happened. I eventually turned it off and ate something else. My mom got home a bit later and smelled that the house was full of gas, so we had to open all the doors and windows to air out the house (and let in the freezing temps).

It wasn't until college when I had a gas stove that it all made sense.

What Have You Been Most Surprised (or Embarrassed) to Learn in the Kitchen? Reader Discussion
2/27/13 04:58 PM

This might seem a little weird, but it is something most people do not think about. I discourage any sort of *homemade* edible gifts in any setting. I have OCD (like the actually diagnosed kind, not the tease-your-friend-about-a-quirk kind), and I have jumped through hoops in order to keep it from affecting my professional and personal relationships. Only those very close to me are aware of how difficult my struggle has been. Even at my best, it is incredibly difficult for me to eat homemade consumable gifts because I have not seen who handled them or in what type of environment they were made, regardless of my trust for the person who made them. Then I feel guilty for throwing it away. Therefore, a favor that was meant to express gratitude has actually created anxiety. This will not be the case in most wedding guests, I just wanted to add something else for you to think about.

Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas?Good Questions
5/4/12 03:43 PM