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I used OZ about 3 months ago and they were awful. Initially they came in cheaper than others and they seemed to have relatively good reviews so we went with them. They charged a $50.00 deposit which is fine.
The day of the move they showed up late. We signed all the forms and found out though they initially told us they have insurance, we found out you have to pay ALOT for it.
So we said no to the insurance and crossed our fingers that we packed well enough. Then they told us they wouldn't move certain items that we had packed well with bubble and cardboard unless they were put inside one of their raggedy boxes that looked like it had been used and reused over 100 times. This of course we had to pay for. I think it was around $30 per gross box! Even after we kept saying no we don't want their extra boxes they still used them and charged us. Then to drive 8 blocks they said that they would take lunch and charge us. Fine whatever. So they start moving boxes and would literallly slam things down constantly telling me they're the best and the fastest. Things that said fragile, and nothing on top and this side up meant nothing to them. While unpacking I found one of my boxes with glasses in it being crushed by a much heavier box that had been put on top. Then they stop coming for a while and I find them hanging out talking in our stairwell trying to kill time to make more money. So we get them upstairs to finalize the bill. Starting at 9:20 meant "lets just say 9" and then finishing at 2:30 after wasting time in the stairs was "lets just round to 3, so 9-3" and of course we forgot we had paid a $50 deposit a month before. They conveniently forgot to remind us. Thankfully we packed well and only 1 thing got broken, but I would NEVER recommend them to anyone.

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8/29/08 04:16 AM

At the Museum of Modern Art in New York, there is a wall of moss installed for the Olafur Eliasson exhibit. It is made of treated reindeer moss, and though it smells and looks like it is still alive, it is technically dead and will not cause harm to a home. Walls like this are created by putting up a screen of chicken wire and then taking handfulls of moss and inserting them into the screen. When you take enough tightly in your hand, you can put it just inside the screen and let go. The moss will spring open and stick to the wire. After enough of it is installed you don't even see the wire anymore.

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6/10/08 09:22 AM