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Do you need a house-sitter?Love it!Doesn't matter if it's a house,an apartment ,a shed,or who decorated it...I want to see it! I learn something about design from all,that's what it's about for me. Now,how are those vases hanging from the wall?

Jen & Michael's Modern Retreat House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/9/10 03:30 PM

Magnifique!!Will watch for the big list of answers to all the questions,cause I want to know also.Looking forward to Part 2 and the Kitchen!Good going guys.

Lanz, Michael and Brent's Evolving History House (Part I) House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/24/10 04:09 PM

Are you going to tell us fellow To's where the adjustable table is from?

Mel & Dave's Industrial Chic Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/11/10 03:27 PM

Could you tell me where the "sshhhh"picture can be purchased.Also,are any of the contests open to your Canadian fans?Thanks.

The Weekend Guide: Sales and Events Chicago 11.26.09 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/28/09 07:48 AM

Loved it,but would like to see the kitchen.Your choice of decor indicates a happy and confident decorator.My faves--the Lips vase,the huge matching lamps,and in particular the 3 pix"one's company".Are all of these items Craigslist?

Bryan's Fashionable Statement House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/25/09 07:37 AM

Love the colors you've used in the living room,Lots of comments on it but is it coral or orange,and what is the color of the drapes that go so well with it?

Jessica's Vintage Vibe House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
11/17/09 04:56 PM

Interesting and educational.Would be nice to go to a Santa Monica Market,lucky you.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Guess the Veggie
6/9/08 06:39 PM