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Everyone has great comments, I would just like to add a tip for purging: I recently moved into a small loft apartment with one closet. I purged, then I purged again, then again, and I am now doing it for the 4th time! The key is to keep doing it!

Also, good tips from others that you should put everything in matching (probably light colored) boxes, binders, bins, etc. so it doesn't look cluttered. Hang hats, purses, scarves, anything you can group together vertically. If what you are hanging is a group, it won't look out of place. Also, I used the back wall of my closet to hang whatever I could behind the clothes/what else is stored to use every inch of space. Its amazing how much that helped. Skinny things can be hidden behind the wardrobe, etc.

Lastly, white sheer curtains or neutral roman shades will do wonders to lighten up the space, as will white bedding (just get white sheets and fold the comforter up when not in use at end of the bed if you are strapped for $ for a duvet). Once that's done, a neutral rug like sisal might really work, and you could tied in the wallpaper with a black and white pillow or so (it looks black and white from the pic).

For cheap storage options, you can find old crates, metal bins, and vintage suitcases at thrift stores. A stack of vintage suitcases can hold a ton and would look great at the end of the bed!

Good luck!

Help for Tiny Bedroom in Aberdeen Flat? Good Questions
5/2/12 01:09 PM