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old paper layer took 1 whole day to get off (+ glue) then whole day to skim coat and sand all the gouges i made....and that was just one wall of the room. so then i scraped off all the seems on the other three walls and then skim coated down the seems, then sanded, primed and painted the whole room in less time than it took me to do the one wall i fully scraped!!!!!
(btw, they all looked the same in the end.)

Is it Ever OK to Paint Over Wallpaper?
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5/3/11 10:37 PM

my sister has the same cabinets with black appliances.

we changed her oak pulls to a nice flat black and it helped (i think that would be better than brushed nickel).

i'd choose a sleek black ceiling fan without a light, and have your husband install recessed lights. (and lose the light above the sink for a nice pendant)

also, i agree the wavy wood above the sink needs to go, and i'd stick with a warmer wall color. a cool color like blue will make the cabinets stand out more. (i paint everything benjamin moore's china white...it's warm and neutral, but still lets white trim pop....but you may be looking for more color).

i like the striped rug idea.

also, you could pop the doors off of a few upper cabinets, and paint the insides. (maybe the upper double doors to the left of the sink...or the right side too if you want flanking open shelves, but i can't see what you have to the right of the sink in the pic).

hope it goes well!

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
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3/23/11 12:03 PM

this is the most amazing before and after transformation i've ever seen!!!!!!!

i'm not even a huge stainless steel fan, but wow! i love this kitchen and all of it's germ-free glory!

also, those red chairs look like they'd be comfortable to sit in for hours at a never-ending dinner party. yay.

Kitchen Tour: David and Laura's Modern Organic Remodel
Miami, Florida

3/23/11 09:03 AM

I think building the entry walls/door was a bit genius. I also love the large scale art. Overall, a great space! + I heart the backsplash of overlapping numbers idea!

(that having been said, lose the tab-top curtains for something more finished....and turn the carpet so it defines the living room and is not half under the table!)

James & Donna's South End Artist's Loft
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1/25/11 01:24 PM

this room gives me giant cooties. the good kind. i'm not usually a fan of red rooms, but i just love the way everything is just packed in there. there is so much to look at, yet it's not chaotic. sort of how listening to a song with piano makes you feel full and rich.... this room does the same for me. yay!

Apartment Therapy DC | Valorie's Southern Colors Room for Color - South #2
10/5/09 12:22 PM

I love the placement of the pictures on the living room wall. The whole place feels warm, clean, and cozy w/out feeling staged. I think it's tricky to balance a wide tv. If the lamp were taller I think the proportion would feel better. Don't mean to critical. I love your place! It's beautiful!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #55: Elizabeth and Kevin's Cool Shades
10/17/08 12:05 PM

Wow! This is a great camper. I really like the brown and turquoise. I think the Amy Butler Gothic Rose Turquoise fabric would be nice to pull a color palette from (even if you don't like the pattern). There is olive and beige as well in this fabric. Also, changing the hardware (hinges, pulls) will make a world of difference. That backsplash is fantastic! Maybe you could put up a stainless ikea system! You could take down that light fixture, spray paint it, and change the globe. I like the idea of roman fabric shades hung a few inches above the window so when they are up they don't block any light (since windows are small). Is the floor vinyl? If you could spend money on two expensive things I'd would pick flooring and professional cushion covers (with piping). Everything else is very do-it-yourself. Let us know how is turns out!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help Decorating Our Camper?
6/9/08 03:42 PM