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I'm sorry, but it's gone too far when there is a bath tub smack next to the dining table.

5 Cool Hidden Beds for Small Spaces
11/6/13 02:40 PM

Can you tell us a little about the wood character hanging on the wall in the window seat? I love it! It is so charming! What is it called and where did you come across something so quaint? Can we see a close up picture?

Susan's Carriage Loft
4/21/11 04:43 PM

This home gives me a warm cozy feeling. It is so beautiful and healthy looking. You have done such an excellent job with your home. I hope YOU win!

Susan's Carriage Loft
4/21/11 11:05 AM

This space is almost magical! Everything about it is 'normal', but the light, layout and cosyness is perfect!
Question: What's in all the oversized storage files?

Joel & McKenzie's Salvaged Live/Work Loft
House Tour

1/26/11 03:25 PM

I live in scandinavia - heartland of modern sleek design and wood paneled walls is practically culturally epidemic. The scandinavians love their sleek modern, uncluttered spaces...and they create it wonderfully even in wood paneled rooms. Keep things minimal, loose anything remotely the curtains in the photo..go with simple panel curtains. If you love clean modern clean modern furniture with clean lines in it. Its not like you are putting an old brown plaid sofa in here..right? In this room its even more important every visible item sends only this statement...clean and modern. The contrast of the wood and some striking furniture will make the piece even more iconic.

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6/9/08 02:13 PM