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Excellent tour; I think the stairs are the best focal point. I like all the wood, really, but it was also nice to see the white in the kitchen, the bathroom & porches. The outside (not your usual "neat as a pin" actually seems fine & anyone walking by would never guess all the coolness inside.

Erin's Warm & Wood-Wrapped Austin Budget Bungalow House Tour
7/28/14 07:44 AM

Wonderful tour! Plenty of good design ideas/inspiration for anyone to adopt. "Small Cool" is fine too, but also usually heavy on the NY / CA $$$$ expensive side. I'd rather see tours like this than something insipid from 'Family Circle' or 'BH&G'.

Jocelyn Scrapes Back Her Loft House Tour
7/26/14 06:57 PM

The desk works with the surroundings & the surroundings work well with the desk; looks good. When was campaign furniture all the rage; late 70s/early 80s? The hardware seems to indicate this style.

Before & After: A Damaged Desk Gets a Dramatic Change
7/7/14 10:04 AM

I like the narrow grey hall table + the color chip feature.

Crystal's Dramatic Home in San Francisco House Tour
7/7/14 06:40 AM

Nice! Paint stripped and actually, a cool fabric choice.

Before & After: An Upholstered Stool Gets Stylish with Hand-Stamped Fabric
7/6/14 08:52 PM

Not all of us live in a "City". Small towns; especially those that aren't on the tourist 'A' list or maybe even 'B' list can have some great (read as LOW) prices on some great finds. Maybe not many of the iconic things commonly/often seen in AT photos but still, good finds if you have a good design, imaginative eye.

How to Find the Best Decor Deals in Your City Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/6/14 02:40 PM

I'd say the Marvel comic book. There are more Sheldon Coopers out there that would want this than the others.

Can You Spot the Most Valuable American Antique?
7/4/14 11:33 AM

That was more NYC than NY. And, AT is pretty heavy NYC and CA. Still, I'm an avid follower.

United States of Design Road Trips: A Northeastern Route American Style
7/4/14 11:30 AM

There's a lot of contemporary eclectic design / stuff here, but also a LOT of clutter. So, good or bad, this tour is likely more "real life" than most other AT tours.

Ali & Dustin's \"Beach House Getaway\" in Downtown Denver House Tour
7/3/14 07:07 AM

Crazy lucky to have been the only bidders. And yes, really need to see the whole house!

Janine's Beautiful Baltimore Home House Call
7/2/14 08:55 PM

I was hoping it'd be a 'make it yourself'/DIY. Was thinking of doing it on a large scale for a local event. Looks like fun though.

Kinetic Sand: Weird, Wacky, Wonderful Stuff!
7/2/14 12:58 PM

There must be better examples than this. The ladshelves here just look cluttered and I'm not sure if this can be done without looking too cluttered or too empty. Save this kind of shelving for an outdoor garden or Farmer's Market.

Creative Reuse: A Frame Bookshelves Made from Old Ladders
7/2/14 10:56 AM

Thank him for his service to our country & happy 4th of July. For starters, you let your own things/furnishings be the character and 'c'mon, new and modern isn't a bad thing. Looks like you're gaining nice floors, good windows and good kitchen; among other things. Be excited, not down.

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/2/14 10:48 AM

My sister tried the bag over the back door of their lake cabin a few years ago. Didn't do a thing. Doubt if the pennies would be the trick. How about clean counters and absolutely all food put away?

How To Keep Flies Away Naturally
7/2/14 10:41 AM

That pale green and cream dresser really does look good! Paint gone right, for a change on a vintage piece.

Carly & Chip's Resourceful & Refined Home House Tour
7/2/14 06:26 AM

I'd agree. The above studio would look great empty (good bones). Michelle's studio (empty) wouldn't be all that impressive, but she totally pulled it together (and not too girly) w/o cool windows, woodwork etc. And, calling Michelle's 'sweet' (imho) is kind of an insult. Reserve 'sweet' for a nursery or pre teen; not a design savvy adult woman.

What Makes It Work: A Seriously Stylish Studio Apartment Tom Delavan
7/1/14 07:54 PM

Looks good. These tables are pretty common and I doubt any refinishing/staining (any color) would create a WoW as much as the paint. Smart to not skimp on priming before painting!

Before & After: What To Do With A Grimy Garage Sale Side Table
7/1/14 07:42 PM

Goes to show elegance and old world art doesn't have to mean heavy, dark and dated. Pass on the bed canopy; too over the top, but otherwise, pretty good. Oh, those chairs are too cool looking by themselves to need a pillow on them.

Mitch's Creative Take on a Classic Space
House Tour

7/1/14 03:41 PM

Two year old Tour, but I don't recall it. Clean, fresh looking and they've won the challenge of mixing styles! Quite a few nice furniture finds. A nice change; nothing above the bed headboard. Art or Anything isn't always needed there. Good Tour!

Carly & Chip's Resourceful & Refined Home House Tour
7/1/14 03:30 PM

Not Edina, Michigan. Edina, (one of the better suburbs) Minnesota & this is a cool looking home.

Trisha's Suburban Twin Cities Style House Call
6/30/14 04:04 PM