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my mother just visited Italy and brought back espresso coffee beans and black truffle salt for me. Love them both.

What Are the Best Kitchen Souvenirs to Buy in Italy?
9/21/12 12:53 PM

I just got one of these for my mother for painting -- they're a little stiff at first but are very classy european. She loves hers. Theres a plain canvas version too. And inexpensive!

Can You Help Me Find a Stylish, Not-Too-Frilly Apron for a Tall Woman? Good Questions
9/7/12 11:09 AM

Like most people in NY, I have a small kitchen and no outdoor space. My favorite part of summer is grilling... but without a roof, deck or backyard, it's difficult to get that yummy grilled flavor. I would love some suggestions on indoor grilling techniques to get that great backyard BBQ taste without burning down my apartment!

Also, I second cooking on a budget, cooking for one, the most essential appliances for a small kitchen and old vs new cooking rules! Great ideas!

Got a Question for Reader Request Week? Tell Us What You'd Like Us To Blog About!
5/1/12 11:28 AM