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Thanks stero! The color of the lower cabinets is Benjamin Moore "whale gray."

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/9/14 09:35 AM

Check out for a picture of Gregg and his contact info.

Dan's Kitchen: Real-life Lessons from a Real-life Renovation Renovation Diary
4/5/14 10:02 AM

Dan here, thanks everyone for all of the kind comments!

@nicefrenchgurl, nofunforangie, MonicaL, AnnieOS and others: I think the microwave will stay in the pantry for good! I've lived without a microwave for the past 5 years, and now that I have one, I don't use it very often. And the few times that I have used it over the past two weeks, I haven't minded the extra couple of steps to get to the pantry.

@sharpknife: I probably could have fit a full-sized stove and dishwasher, but it would have meant a less-functional layout with fewer cabinets and less counter space. Plus, it's just me and my girlfriend living in the condo, so the smaller appliances are just the right size for us.

@Khat: You're right, the cracked fireplace side panel remains unresolved! I had a mason take a look at it. He assured me that the panel wasn't a structural component of the fireplace, but he was confident that he could repair it nonetheless. Since the crack isn't that noticeable, I decided to hold off on the repair.

Dan's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/3/14 02:49 PM

Nope, the stove has the standard four burners of varying intensity. The perspective of the photo at the top of this post may be a little misleading.

Dan's Kitchen: Almost There! Renovation Diary
3/27/14 09:05 AM

Yup, gray lower cabinets and white uppers was the plan all along. Check out my inspiration post from long ago for some examples of kitchens with similar color schemes.

Dan's Kitchen: Almost There! Renovation Diary
3/27/14 09:03 AM

Fixing the holes in the exterior wall ended up being a quicker fix than I expected -- the masonry crew finished the repair in one day! I mentioned it at the end of this post. And yes, the cost of the repair came out of our condo association funds.

Dan's Kitchen: Almost There! Renovation Diary
3/27/14 08:57 AM

dylan40 -- The sink is a 23-inch wide sink made by Kraus, and it's in a 30-inch wide sink cabinet. If you're interested, you can find the sink on Amazon for a reasonable price. Good luck!

Dan's Kitchen: Almost There Renovation Diary
3/9/14 09:42 PM

Thanks, 2bigbike. I live with my girlfriend, and living without a kitchen was tough at first, but we managed to adapt pretty quickly. We had a temporary kitchen (microwave, toaster, George Foreman Grill) set up in the living room, and I decided early on to prepare meals using fresh ingredients as often as possible. For most of the renovation we had a full-size fridge, so food storage wasn't a problem. And we eventually discovered a variety of simple, satisfying meals that were easy to make without a kitchen. Washing dishes in the bathroom was probably the biggest inconvenience. Of course we occasionally ate out or ordered in, but the whole experience wasn't as terrible as you might think.

Dan's Kitchen: Edging Towards Completion Renovation Diary
3/5/14 06:52 PM

Well, I do have a falling-apart bathroom that I'd love to remodel. It'll happen eventually, but I'll need some time to recover financially (and emotionally) from this kitchen reno. And since it's my only bathroom, I won't have the luxury of spending 6 months working on it.

Dan's Kitchen: Almost There Renovation Diary
3/4/14 06:28 PM

Thanks, textiles. I suspect that the window opening in the kitchen is not as old as the original windows elsewhere in the condo. It may have been part of an early-20th century addition to the rear of the building. In any case, it's too big to accommodate a double hung window. I thought about installing a divided light casement window to better match the original windows in the living room. But the windows in the dining room, which are visible from the kitchen, are aluminum replacements without divided lights. I also didn't want to obstruct the view, so in the end I went with the non-divided light casement window.

Dan's Kitchen: All the Trimmings Renovation Diary
3/2/14 10:02 PM

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying the posts! I've had fun writing them, and I'd be happy to share future renovations if I ever recover from this one (and if AT will have me).

I've gone back and forth on the floor color issue. There's a lot of color variation in the floors, not just between the kitchen and dining room, but even from board to board, so I don't think the lighter floors will necessarily look out of place. That said, the floors have been covered in paper for the past few weeks. If the color difference bothers me once the kitchen is done and the floors are uncovered, I'll consider darkening them. If I do go down that road, the tinted poly is a great suggestion.

Dan's Kitchen: All the Trimmings Renovation Diary
3/2/14 09:35 PM

Wow good eye! You're right, the upper cabinets are 19.5" above the countertop. Given the height of the ceiling, that leaves 2.5" for crown molding, which is a standard crown dimension. Also, I'd like to think that extra 1.5" of height between the countertop and the cabinets makes the workspace a little less claustrophobic. But yeah, it did mean I had to cut a lot of tiles.

Dan's Kitchen: Time for Tile Renovation Diary
2/26/14 09:20 PM

Thanks Juan1, we replaced the drywall with cement board in the backsplash area before tiling. And yes, there's still lots of caulking to do – the seams between the tile and the counter, the tile and the wall, the tile at the corner, etc. The only place I'm not sure about is the seam between the cabinets and the tile. I might leave that seam uncaulked; I'll have to see how it looks.

Dan's Kitchen: Time for Tile Renovation Diary
2/26/14 09:13 PM

Thank FLS, the countertops have a standard pencil/eased edge, and the overhang is 1.25 inches from the cabinet boxes, which I'm told is standard for frameless cabinets.

Dan's Kitchen: Countertops! Renovation Diary
2/26/14 09:14 AM

Thanks, greermydear, the countertop is indeed M. Teixeira's Barroca soapstone.

Dan's Kitchen: Countertops! Renovation Diary
2/25/14 06:33 PM

Soapstone will accumulate chips and scratches over time, but minor scratches can actually be removed with fine-grit sandpaper.

Dan's Kitchen: Countertops! Renovation Diary
2/25/14 06:32 PM

I got my soapstone through Jewett Farms. They're the New England distributor for M. Teixeira soapstone, and they handled the sourcing, fabrication, and installation of the countertops. Their prices were in line with other suppliers/fabricators, and they were easy to work with. Their shop is in Dover, NH, and they have a showroom in Newburyport.

Dan's Kitchen: A Custom Solution Renovation Diary
2/24/14 07:36 PM

The soapstone countertop came out to around $90/square foot, which included material, templating, fabrication, and installation. If you're willing to tackle some or all of the fabrication and installation yourself (soapstone is surprisingly DIY friendly), you can find soapstone slabs or cut-to-size material for under $50/square foot.

I'll talk a little more about the soapstone itself in a future post.

Dan's Kitchen: A Custom Solution Renovation Diary
2/21/14 03:02 PM

Marissa M, I bought the range at Yale Appliance in Dorchester. They delivered it, but didn't install it for liability reasons -- you generally need a qualified plumber to install a gas range.

Dan's Kitchen: And Even More Cabinets Renovation Diary
2/21/14 09:28 AM

Thanks Nicolette Rohr! It's a 24-inch Bertazzoni gas range: http://www.bertazzoni.com/freestanding/professional-series/ranges/24-4-burner-gas-range

Dan's Kitchen: And Even More Cabinets Renovation Diary
2/20/14 09:40 PM