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I totally agree. The most useful thing in my bag ( I have kids 5,3,and 2) is a stack of bandanas. I can make a shade cover for the stroller if it is too sunny, a changing pad if needed, a hankie, give a good wipe off after exploring in a muddy river, a good head cover for sun (or pirating!), practicing magic tricks, a placemat, a carrying bag when folded up, even a bikini top for my oldest who needed one even though the kids were all swimming in their underwear. I usually keep between 3-6 in my bag at all times and just throw 'em in the wash when I get home. ( And now I will toss a few clothespins in my bag too!)

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8/13/08 04:30 AM

With 3 kids 3 and under, we had to make a decision about cleaning. We were either going to pay for a cleaning service to come for a few hours a week while I watched the kids or pay for a sitter to come for an entire day while I cleaned the house. We took the cleaning service.

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8/12/08 04:22 AM

I am so motived to begin sewing - I am the True Beginner, I have read the instruction book (only once so far though) and have loaded up at a fabric sale and now just need a few nights in a row please of the kids all going to bed and staying asleep for me to set up the machine. I have never used a sewing machine before!! But I dream of swirly skirts for my little girls and a superhero cape for my baby boy.

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7/31/08 09:59 AM

This would be perfect in the hallway next to the kids bookcase. All three of them are in a routine of grabbing a book and then sitting on the floor right in the middle of the hallway. This chair would be perfect - and quite inviting to cozy up with a good picturebook!

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6/19/08 03:38 PM