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I agree with wig3000 and many others. I think with those oil base salt/sugar rubs we use in the shower ... it all builds up. I clean out the drain of hair, etc regularly (something my husband and son never think of doing even when the water begins to reach their ankles :0) .... and I pour many hot tea kettles of hot water down the drain, it seems to help.

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12/31/08 10:01 PM

my friend uses her hand for notes to herself

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6/28/08 05:30 PM

We created a set of nesting dolls for an out-doing art director, each painted in the likeness of his staff.

Of all of my little obsessions, my largest collection is a miniature chair collection. Just one chair.

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6/28/08 05:25 PM

peonies at any price! I must go tomorrow and see if I can find some. My Red Charm just had the first bloom.

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6/6/08 12:34 PM