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Beautiful! Thanks for all of the pics and the detailed instructions. I have to say, tons of books are garbage and you can't give them away. There is nothing sacred about most of them. And is there anything more outdated than encyclopedias? Church rummage sales and thrift shops won't even accept them. And yet they are heavy and frequently very attractive. Would be perfect for this.

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
4/28/11 09:31 PM

I'd like it as a tabletop for an occasional table and with a glass top on it. Also, I don't find anything sacred about books. Lots of them are bad bad bad.

A Literal Literary Lining for Your Living Room Floor
4/16/11 06:18 AM

Kristen, Your space is a tiny gem.

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House Call

11/14/10 06:02 PM

It's been my experience that any medication I buy is soon outdated - I've had expiration dates that are two or three years old. Unless you are sick frequently, you will probably need to buy new supplies every time you're sick. Hope you're better soon!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT on... Being Sick
6/6/08 12:28 PM