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And by the way, this house was a foreclosure before they bought it (can tell by the green Homepath (Fannie Mae) fliers on the countertop in the before photo)... so it was given the "slap some lipstick on a pig" approach when it came to the "before". I work in foreclosures w/ Fannie Mae and they put in the cheapest possible materials and get the cheapest possible labor to do the work. So while it may look ok in the photos, chances are the work they did was not very high quality. The appliances are super cheap and are purchased at a steep discount from Whirlpool. The owners probably could sell them on Craigslist for more than the bank paid for them. Plus, black appliances would look horrible in that new white kitchen.

Before & After: Upgrading a Builder's Grade Kitchen Little House Big Plans
5/24/12 03:04 PM

I think it's lovely. I don't understand all the comments about how it's unoriginal etc etc. If this is what the homeowner likes, then shouldn't they do what they like? Also, they live in Arizona... this look is not popular in Arizona or in most of the western states' tract homes, so when you put it in that context, it's not "generic" at all. This is a starter home, so you can't get all wacky with the finishes since you have to think about resale. I'd love to do something like this with my builder grade tract home brown/maple kitchen with faux granite countertops and linoleum floors (BF bought the house before I was in the picture), but alas, the funds are allocated to other things at the moment.

And yes, cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling DO cost more and don't really improve the look in a small kitchen with lower ceilings like this. I used to have them and I never even had anything on the top shelves since it was a pain to get things down from there.

Before & After: Upgrading a Builder's Grade Kitchen Little House Big Plans
5/24/12 02:39 PM

When people who aren't very technologically advanced try to use the self check out lines. I love the self check out lines because as a former cashier, I am very fast and I like to bag my own groceries (I'm faster and bag my stuff wayyyy better than most baggers). But, I hate when I get stuck behind someone who can't figure out where their barcodes are or that they need to put the item they just rang up into a bag in the bagging area, otherwise it won't let them ring their next item. Then when it comes time to pay, they get all confused about what to do there too. Grrr

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4/27/12 03:47 PM