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I've definitely taken some bold design risks with my apartment. Some have turned out great (cork-tiled wall), others not so good (Kermit green should be limited to an accent color), but part of the fun of design is taking risks. At the end of the day, if you love what you've done, that's all that really matters. And if it doesn't work out, at least you tried. Also, make sure you hang on to the receipts and know a store's return policy.

Go Ahead and Make a Mistake:
Approaching Design without Fear

1/9/13 07:31 PM

I agree, an articulated wall mount is probably your best bet. They're easy enough to install yourself, but you might want to consider a professional installation. Installers are insured, so if the TV falls off of the wall, they will generally cover the cost of a replacement.

One thing to consider when mounting the TV is that with the swivel there will always be part of the TV with a corner sticking out. Just be mindful of keeping enough space for walkways so no one runs into it in the middle of the night while getting a glass of water.

Best of luck!

How To Mount TV on Obtuse Angle? Good Questions
11/29/12 01:12 PM

Annie, the house looks amazing. I'd expect nothing less from you!

Annie & Pierson's Bright and Cheerful HomeHouse Tour
11/28/12 07:10 PM

I'm a big fan of using several different colors in one room to help transition from one space to another, but sometimes picking one muted shade throughout can make a disjointed space feel cohesive.

I had a close friend move in with me about 2 years ago who brought some of his furniture with him and we had to work on blending our styles. I've found that gray can be a great unifying color. While some people will think it's boring, it does provide a lot of options for furniture and fun accessories.

Behr makes a great warm grey with brown undertones that I think could work well in the space. It's called Saturn Gray (UL190-7). I recently used it for a project and was amazed at how much it lightened up a room.

Best of luck!

What Color to Paint Our Living Room? Good Questions
11/28/12 06:59 PM

I've been both a slow decorator and a fast decorator depending on the circumstances. For my first apartment I was on a tight budget and had literally no furniture to start out with, so I needed all the essentials right away or I would have been sitting on boxes. Since my college days and 4 apartments later (I tend to nest in one space) I've definitely embraced the slow decorating pace.

One of my biggest hurdles to get over was learning that not everything had to be perfect right away. Buying everything at the same time really locks you stylistically into one point in your life. As we grow and mature, our spaces should reflect that as well.

I've been in my current apartment for almost 4 years now and it's still a work in progress; although, to everyone else it looks done. It took me 3 years to find nightstands for my bedroom that I loved that didn't cost $500 a piece, but I found my couch within 2 weeks of looking. Everything happens at it's own pace, and great design comes from letting the process lead.

I think the day that I can't find anything else I want to change or run out of projects is the day I start looking for a new place to live.

Embracing Patience: Slow Decorating
10/26/12 05:42 PM