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Latest Comments... have some nice chevron rugs :) hopefully they sell them in their US branches...

Yipes Stripes: Rug Pairs
5/13/12 03:27 PM

Wow!! Awesome, guys, thank you! I know, the wallpaper and curtains (and paint) aren't the best but they were left by the previous tenants and we've been too busy doing up the rest of flat to take care of it. Our poor little bedroom has been so neglected! I'm planning to give this room a serious facelift this summer. Great ideas for the hanging rails- we already have one (why did I put it there?! WHY?!). My bf has so many clothes that he seems to refuse to switch out for seasonal wear (we are in Scotland, after all) so that would really help. We already cram loads under the bed but it's awkward trying to reach it- I'll try raising the bed somehow. We were thinking to build a raised bed similar to the Bremnes Ikea one, or even an epic version of it with a walk in closet underneath. I don't have many skills in that area though so maybe Ikea might be an option :) I'll keep you updated!

Help for Tiny Bedroom in Aberdeen Flat? Good Questions
5/6/12 08:33 PM

Amazing- guys- seriously! Your loft bed is genius and you managed to create something so functional! We have been thinking of making something exactly the same for our teeny bedroom but it's difficult trying to plan it. Is there any way we could find a plan for the same kind of loft bed? Did you build it yourself after your friend designed it? Again- amazing!

Andrew & Toni's Key to Making It Work Small Cool Contest
4/27/12 11:33 AM