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I haven't had a microwave in years and years, and don't miss it. If I need a fast snack, I can smear some avocado on toast, or make a cheese sandwich.

Live Without: A Microwave Small Space Solutions | Apartment Therapy New York
4/12/10 08:59 PM

Whew. Decorate how you want, but def get rid of the shower curtain.

Small Cool 2010: Vickiann's Dramatic Color Little Division #7 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/12/10 08:56 PM

clickchick, I feel the same way about human children, but never about adorable doggies!

Dogs at Home Apartment Therapy Roundup | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/18/10 05:12 PM

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... not sayin'.

What's On Your Nightstand? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/11/10 07:03 PM

Cute house! As is is fine... though white would also work.

Advice for Updating Kitchen Table Chairs Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/4/10 08:54 PM

The bones of this place are incredible. The furnishings are not my taste, but I appreciate the family's apparent individuality and it looks very livable. Thanks for sharing your home!

105 Year-Old Converted Barn On Bainbridge Island House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/4/10 05:09 PM

Clear surfaces and a made bed are my trick... a quick sweep of cat hair and dog hair off the floor helps too.

Faking A Clean House | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/1/10 05:51 PM


PS - love that yellow chair.

Danish Buffet and Hutch - $350 Washington DC Scavenger | Apartment Therapy DC
1/29/10 04:33 PM

I adore this - I currently only have a tiny tv in the living room, a thrift store score... I hate a huge tv! I would love something design-y like this... though I bet if it comes to the US, the price tag will be heftier, and it will be sold at Anthropologie.

LG Retro Classic TV | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/28/10 01:45 PM

I adore this apartment... looks livable, creative, and affordable. I first saw it on SFgirl by bay. I don't think I would have taxidermy in my place, but can appreciate how others live. Chill, AT-ers.

Libby Ryan's Light Airy Granny ChicHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/22/10 06:29 PM

Love your work, love your place. Always looking for one of your prints... love to know if you would have a resource to purchase!

Evan's Old-Timey Apartment Studio Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/21/10 04:43 PM

Every night we go to bed with cocktail/wine/beer glasses and snack bowls left on the coffee table; our christmas tree is still up; we sleep on a mattress on the floor in a sleeping bag because we haven't found the right bed yet; our dining room is currently a way station (table coming soon); I'm terrible at folding/putting away laundry; I often throw dirty and clean clothes on the floor; more! You?

When No One's Looking: Fess Up Your Odd Home Habits | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/14/10 05:41 PM

I sleep with a glass of water next to my bed... what can I say, I'm thirsty. I concur... I want Apt Therapy to get a little more back to its DIY, small-space roots.

Look! Bedside Carafe and Glass | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/13/10 06:28 PM

I am currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor since I sold everything I owned to move across the country. It'll due till I can save up for the bed I want. I do feel like it makes my bedroom look unfinished, but this post inspired me to make it look better - dress up the bed, etc. It'll be another month at least before I can afford the "real" bed. And to each their own, yo. Apartment Therapy shouldn't be a place for cyber-bullying.

Back to Basics: Beds on the Floor | Apartment Therapy DC
1/12/10 07:48 PM

gross. maybe for a geek college dorm room.

iPod Bedding, Geek or Chic? | Apartment Therapy New York
1/8/10 05:55 PM

ummmm... no. :-)

9 Things to Love About Traditional Décor | Apartment Therapy DC
1/4/10 05:49 PM

I live in Seattle, recently relocated from Florida, where my line-dry clothes would dry in less than an hour on my little back porch, or a couple of hours hanging from the shower rod. I hand wash tons of things, like sweaters and vintage dresses (or inexpensive dresses too - your target stuff stays so much nicer if you never put it in the dryer) and ten days later, thicker things were still damp. I still won't use a dryer, but will have to learn a new kind of clothing patience, like... guess I won't wear that wool pencil skirt this week.

The $5 Indoor Clothesline And Why We Can't Live Without It | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/27/09 09:02 PM

I understand the no-shoes thing, but, um... fashion! I like wearing a complete outfit in my house and out. If I'm doing something especially dirty (like a lakeside dog walk in my rainy city of seattle), of course I will pull off my shoes at the door. But if it's a swank pair of boots or heels? No way.

37 Reasons to Take Your Shoes Off Most Popular Posts | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
12/21/09 05:51 PM

After living with my boyfriend for eight years, then breaking up, I got my own place, and was as girly as I wanted to be. My place really expressed who I was, and was enjoyed by whoever came to visit. Though I would try and keep it clean. Now I have the opposite problem... living with a guy again after three years of a place on my own.

Dating and Your Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/17/09 06:12 PM

Me too. I live with a man, a cat and a dog in about 700 square feet. 1400 would feel palatial.

I have a similar use of the Expedit bookcase in my place. It divides our living room into living space and composer work space.

Laurel Conor's Silver Spring Family House House Tour | Apartment Therapy DC
12/17/09 02:50 PM