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@ Doobie Yes!! How creepy weird is that??

How Detail-Oriented Are You About Design?
8/5/11 04:19 PM

Love the pouf but I'd rather have the Pug!

Rooms with a Pouf from Our House Tours
6/28/11 09:31 AM

@zepper Photo, please??

Great idea! Dollar Store, here I come. I'm in a garden-less condo but I can see these hanging from the sun room ceiling. Wonder how multi-coloured lights would look?

How To: Create Glowing Outdoor Orbs in an Instant
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6/11/11 06:15 PM

Love the additional window, but I have to admit: I looked at the "before" pic and thought LOVE that red and white floor!

Before & After: Jason's Beautiful Bathroom Remodel
6/8/11 06:58 PM

Never actually tried this but I believe there are kits you can get to re-coat the sink. There's an etching solution to be applied (to rough up the surface) then a base and glossy spray-on finish coat.

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3/21/11 06:04 PM


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2/4/11 01:45 PM

What the heck do people store in all those containers??

How to Clean and Maintain Your Washer and Dryer
1/28/11 07:57 PM

I did this last year with cardboard toilet rolls and wrapping paper. Made a huge difference to my junk drawer!

Fresh Start: Easy Cord Organization Tips from Unplggd
1/13/11 09:22 PM

Buy a chrome "S" hook and hang a bag of guest items (small shampoos, bath gels etc).

Alternate Uses for Towel Bar?
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1/3/11 06:38 PM

I'd like to see no lights up until December. Unfortunately where I live we're often waist-deep in snow by early-November and folks like to get the lights up before that happens.

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11/26/10 06:22 PM

Simon Le Bone! Heee!!

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11/23/10 11:17 PM


I want to see the result of your door art!!

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11/17/10 02:30 AM

I have Keep Your Teeth Clean in my bathroom as well - love it! Bought it through the Library of Congress web site.

Feel-Good Artwork: The Best of Ohdeedoh
9/2/10 08:39 PM

They're not dead. They're resting ...

The Art of Arrangement
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8/25/10 08:06 PM

I've done this in a previous rental by making a light-weight "wood" frame out of inexpensive particle-board moulding (which I painted white) and hung it like a picture so that it covered the edges of the big mirror. I left it behind but it was certainly portable.

Before & After: Catherine's Instant Bathroom Makeover
8/11/10 08:57 PM

LOVE THIS!!! In the first pic the black backdrop looks like a cityscape at night.

Wish I had a window in my closet : (

The Black Hole Home Office
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7/30/10 11:06 PM

Love your place, and the animals! Its all so peaceful and calm and beautifully edited.

Kristi & Pam's Antique to Modern Harmonious Mix-up
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7/30/10 12:15 AM

I'd keep as much of the wood as possible. Can you have the ends cut in a large smooth curve and then have the remaining area done in polished concrete? My local coffee shop did this and it looks fabulous!

A Tale Of Two Floors: What Should We Do?
7/28/10 01:05 PM

Sorry, just had a thought. Is there any way the louvered portion of those doors can be removed and replaced with lightweight frosted plastic panels?

Materials to Modernize this Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
7/7/10 06:06 PM

Hard to say a lot without seeing the rest of your furniture, but ... I'd paint those doors rather than replace them. A cool colour and maybe some sort of graphic pattern on the bottom panels, and some bold modern handles.

Materials to Modernize this Area? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
7/7/10 06:05 PM