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i am totally coveting that floor lamp!! does anyone have any info on it?

Adding a Touch of Spring: Decor Inspiration from an Updated Home Light Locations | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/12/10 03:33 PM

mine says black too! i mean, wha?

i would've said yellow, although my favorite color and the one i surround myself with is green.

shoot, i'm just claiming the whole rainbow.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
3/11/10 04:46 PM

wow, people. is there really a need to be this harsh about a decorating post?? one or two harsh comments is enough to get the point across...and even then, is it really necessary?

DIY Greeting Card Display | Apartment Therapy DC
2/17/10 06:29 PM

that hendrix poster is a brilliant way to tie together the pink and brown/gray. excellent job making a boring bathroom look intentional!

Before After: Alexis' Bathroom Charmer | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/17/10 12:40 PM

mine never end up on the floor but they do end up on a chair, or at the end of the bed. dirty clothes always go in the hamper, so i've trained myself there, but i can always talk myself out of chores (there's always tomorrow!). i'll definitely try this counting trick because i always feel better when i just get it done, whatever it is.

How To Put Your Clothes Away Each Day | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/1/10 05:55 PM

everything about this post made me laugh out loud.

Bookcase Bed | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/7/10 06:24 PM

I loved those tables Grace! Congrats! I think they look awesome next to the couch.

My favorite piece of secondhand furniture is this 1950s green settee I bought with my stimulus check last year. It's by far the most wonderful thing I own.

What's Your Favorite Secondhand Find? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/16/09 10:54 AM

I'm a little late to comment, but I echo all of the suggestions. And make sure to let us know where you went and what you saw! It's always fun to see your town through the eyes of a visitor :)

Apartment Therapy DC | Design Advice, Dallas Style?
9/8/09 10:44 AM

if i could afford it, i'd buy one in a second! i think they're such a fabulous idea and really well done.

Apartment Therapy New York | Soft-Maps by Emily Fischer Design Showcase 2009
9/1/09 06:48 PM

heck yes! if that's the pool house, what does the main house look like??

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Pool House Patio ArchDaily
8/27/09 03:29 PM

it is sad to say that i have moved around my entire life (military kid) and have never done this! i always had a suitcase with the essential personal items but never a box for essential house items. thank you for the tip!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Moving Tip: Pack an "Open First" Box
8/4/09 03:33 PM

Isn't the point of camping to spend time in nature, away from the masses and noise and pollution?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Vertical Urban Camping: Crazy or Convenient?
7/9/09 01:49 PM

maxwell! i still have my record player from junior high! AND a disco ball!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: My Record Collection II - Michael Jackson
7/2/09 02:42 PM

I have a friend who stores the ugly things in a hall closet and pulls them out only when the giver of the ugly thing is coming to visit. I always thought that was the nicest thing to do, if you have the room. Then, after a long while and a few visits, you can get rid of it. Even they would forget what they gave you.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Home Decor Gift Receiving Etiquette?
6/25/09 11:52 AM

Thank you for this info! I've been looking for a good, affordable drum shade for a while and I'm laughing that I never knew there was a Lamps Plus just down the street from me...apparently I haven't been looking hard enough! Ha.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Great Source for Cheap Lampshades
4/3/09 05:34 PM

ok, on a second look, i see that those black towel bars and soap holders are stuck on the wall, so disregard my replacement comment. man, i've been there and i really feel for you!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Shower Curtain for Pink Blue Bathroom?
10/23/08 07:44 AM

that. is. just. awesome. if you aren't awake in the morning before you walk in there, you certainly will be as soon as you do!

i would say go all white with accessories. you already have so much color going on that to add more graphic elements might make it too busy, and i think the white might calm it down some. just my two cents, but i tend to like calmer bathrooms, especially since it's the first place i have to go to in the morning.

i agree with patrick to try and paint the window least get rid of that orange and you can easily, and inexpensively, replace the black towel bars, etc., with silver ones (and you can take them with you when you leave). that'll help as well to minimize the whirlwind of color.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Shower Curtain for Pink Blue Bathroom?
10/23/08 07:42 AM

it's fabulous and would fit perfectly into my home!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Apartment Block Photograph by Mark Wallace
8/29/08 06:34 AM

red is my most favorite color :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/11/08 12:09 PM

There is also a great company called Outstanding in the Field that does the same thing, except it's not a TV show. Anyone can go and they host around 30 or 40 dinners a year all over the country. Check it out and go!

Apartment Therapy New York | Outdoor Dining Inspiration from The Endless Feast
6/13/08 08:24 AM