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This place made me (a longtime German reader of AT) actually sign up here, just to fav it. Cos I simply had to. I'm not the one who likes everything she sees. But this place is the ace of hearts. I like it completely and utterly.

It shows a lot of thoughtfulness, style, care, and character. A sense for elegance & aesthetics without misunderstood posh pretentiousness. It's classy and livable. Everything has its place and yet there is still enough place for creativity and a free mind (that evolves so much better in a home you love and feel safe than in a wacky, sterile or hipster place, imho).
I actually believe the owner loves her home and is proud of her selections, day by day.

Next to all the things that show a good taste (imho), just one detail that caught my eye:
The way the bed & the pillows on it are arranged made me smile from the inside.Yes, this is how the true "reading in bed" (or "lying in bed & thinking about life in general") looks like. I bet not a lot of people notice that and if, would prefer a "center-styled" and perfectly "groomed" bed topping (at least for the shoot).

The person who lives here shows a personable character. Kristen, I bet you like to take care of choosing well in general. The way you chose to live and the way you write about it (and Winston) makes my heart smile.

You rock! So does your home! :)

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4/25/12 07:49 PM