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So is a Texas style hot dog just a chili dog?
I'm from TX. I usually make mine in this order- toasted Bun, mustard on grilled hot dog, relish, chopped onions, chili, cheese, and tomato and a tiny bit of salt (for the tomato). That's just how I like 'em.

You Have No Idea How Exciting Hot Dogs Can Be. This Cookbook Will Teach You. Cookbook Review
7/21/14 11:39 PM

#16. I only have 2 of my faves one being a zucchini soup but I also have a quick measurement guide (ounces/TB, tsp etc) on a note card taped in the cabinet door. Which has a quick little drawing of the big G and Q's and P's and C's inside. What is that drawing officially called? I've always wanted a print of that.

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7/12/14 11:57 PM

Our cable bill went up to $120 - highest speed + basic cable. We cut cable about 2 years ago and keeping just the internet took it down to about 60-70 however friend of the family works at time warner & gave us his friends/family discount. I think it might be about $55.

Hulu plus and netflix are fine with me. Wish some companies *cough*HBOgo*cough* would let us subscribe to streaming services.

Tell Us: How Do You Save Money on TV & Internet
6/6/14 03:30 PM

I love to make a good breakfast taco on the weekends when I have some extra time.

The tacos looks good but a little too many ingredients. I'm a Texan (also Hispanic) and can say we tend to like our beans refried in breakfast tacos. They're the glue to hold that taco together! Use the bacon fat and make the beans refried. Sure not as pretty but much yummier IMO. I like to buy uncooked flour tortillas (timesaver).

If you are ever in Texas again try barbacoa. Its like a Sunday tradition for Texans. :)

Congrats to you & your husband!

Recipe: Breakfast Tacos Recipes from The Kitchn
5/29/14 11:29 PM

I always make a "double batch" of tea. I live in the south so sweet tea is basically water. When I was a kid my mom use to make tea in the coffee pot and I always thought it tasted weird but everyone seemed to love it- I do have many coffee addict family members so that could be a reason.

I always make tea concentrate whenever we have BBQ's or family gatherings. Saves so much time.

Tea Concentrate Is the Best Way to Make Tea for a Crowd Tea Essentials
5/23/14 10:06 PM

I've always boiled potatoes cubed and sometimes they do fall apart very easily and never thought to leave them whole. Will definitely be doing this next time I make potato salad.

How To Boil Potatoes Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/23/14 08:25 PM

I always laugh when Mr. Collins says that. :)

How To Boil Potatoes Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/23/14 08:23 PM

Netflix and Hulu+ are pennies compared to the cable bill so I don't mind the $16 a month for it. If there's something I can't find to watch on there I use the library (or friend or relative might loan as well).

I check out ebooks from my library too and if I buy a new regular priced book I only allow myself it if I've read at least 3-5 of the books that have been on my shelf for months(some cases years).

I do want to start making more natural cleaners once I've gone through all the ones I currently own. I've already been making my own laundry detergent for a few years now when I was unemployed. It works just as good and I can't tell the difference.

Usually if I have a hand cream or lotion that I can see product still in there I'll cut the container and scoop out whats left- usually get 1-2 weeks more product to use.

Frugal Living Weekend Assignment: 5 Areas You Could Save Money
5/18/14 01:15 AM

Salads, Spaghetti & garlic bread most likely. Usually take Mum out for Mother's Day on Saturday - she hates the crowds at restaurants.

I need to make a batch of garlic croutons. Been eating more salads and they tend to vanish quickly.

Those lemon rolls look delicious and would probably go well with same Game of Thrones viewing. Sansa's favorite - lemon cakes. :)

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of May 10-11, 2014
5/10/14 04:59 PM

I went to a baby shower recently and during the games portion where you have to fill in the blank/trivia questions about baby animals everyone whipped out their smart phones to cheat and finish first to win the prize. What the hell?!
Strategy 5 would probably be the only way to go for me - Strategy 1 would mean I'd be hosting parties for one.

5 Ways to Deal With Dinner Party Guests Who Won't Put Down Their Phones
5/9/14 05:01 PM

Happy Birthday! I think the first time I found this site was around 2005/2006. I can't wait for the kitchn cookbook that will be coming out this fall.

Some comments above mentioned a dislike for the new font. I have to agree. I have to increase my font size so my eyes don't hurt. :(

Apartment Therapy is 10 Years Old! Enter the Birthday Bash Sweepstakes From Apartment Therapy & Serious Eats
5/9/14 04:10 PM

I love tamarindo and chamoy (you're suppose to put it on fruits/veggies- like apples, mangoes, cucumbers etc- I've never tried it on potato chips like LillyY but have put hot sauce on duros)

Before I developed a peanut allergy I use to love to eat those de la Rosa's and salted peanuts with hot sauce.

Leche quemada and cajeta are a little too sweet for me but I know a lot of people who love it.

How I Threw a Mexican Candy Tasting Party Party Ideas from The Kitchn
5/5/14 09:55 PM

Avocado & chocolate makes me proud to be Mexican every day of the week! lol :)

Diez y Seis de Septiembre seems to be more celebrated where I live than Cinco de Mayo.

12 Reasons to Be Grateful for Mexico and the Food It Brings Us
5/5/14 08:31 PM

Same age as you too ryttu3k and very similar experience.
The internet helped me discover the episodes I'd been having at school or even being on my own for years were actually panic attacks and helped me get the courage to tell my parents and seek treatment. I had always thought it was some kind of claustrophobia.

Also met and became friends IRL with many people I would have never met with out the internet. I'm a pretty good judge of character and never spoke to anyone I thought was possibly sketchy.

My parents told me what things to avoid or not seek on the internet and just a discussion of that was good enough for me.

Like you I think it all depends on the child.

Is Your Teen's Room A Screen-Free Space?
5/3/14 04:40 PM

Lovely home & her cat looks just like my cat Rivers right down to the bushy tail! :)

Tasha's Colorful & Comfy Austin Home (& Backyard \"Beach Lodge\" Studio) House Tour
4/14/14 08:33 PM

Yikes. Some of those prices are quite high.
I live in a very citrus rich area and have 3 key lime trees in my backyard. Haven't had to buy limes in more than 10+ years.

Have You Noticed That Limes Are Suddenly Crazy Expensive? Ingredient Intelligence
4/11/14 10:46 PM

My family is Mexican American and we make our rice similar to the way hippyvieja mentioned. I like to sauté the rice with the oil, onions and tomato before I add the water and spices. Some of my aunts use tomato paste but I've never made it that way.

I like to throw in frozen peas and carrots just to get a bit more veggies in there. After its done I cover it all with chopped cilantro and put the lid on the pan and it kinda steams it. :)

Recipe: Restaurant-Style Mexican Rice Recipes from The Kitchn
1/11/14 04:19 PM

A growing amount of youtubers over the past two years have been making book related videos (booktube) and I'm subscribed to probably more than 30+ people with similar book interests. I like watching book reviews and recommendations.

Also... book related podcasts. Just started listening to Literary Disco (Rider Strong aka Shawn Hunter from boy meets world is on it).

Attention Book Lovers: 8 Ways to Find Your Next Favorite Read
6/7/13 11:44 PM

I know what you mean about the hand soap... recently I found Savon de Marsaille hand soap that I have been searching for a long time.

Budgeting without Boredom: Small Splurges
6/7/13 10:39 PM

reminds me of Japanese tape. They have a large array of patterns and colors.

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7/13/12 09:57 PM