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Here's a vote for Philadelphia.

I bought a 3 bedroom little rowhouse last year for $100K. It was a Grandma Special, so we did some DIY decorating upgrades, but nothing drastic. We're close to a recently renovated park, the Italian Market, the subway and lots of buses.

It's not as exciting as many other parts of Philly, I'm sure, and certainly not as exciting as NYC bars closing at 4am. But, since we're starting to think about a family-plan, we're not really going out to bars until 4am.

There's a tiny little farmers' market and some good local culture stuff. I think people get mired in "Biggest," "Best," or "Coolest." "good enough" may not be exciting, but it's very calming to not worry about money on a daily basis and to actually enjoy a night on the town once in a while.

But, maybe I'm just getting super old; I am 35 after all.

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How Long Can We Keep This Up?

9/25/12 11:27 AM

Please! Don't stack your books like that, unless you want to ruin them. As a rare book librarian, this makes my eyes twitch. Otherwise, nice place!

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4/25/12 01:51 PM