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I thought we were in a recession?

Gold Leather Lunch Bag by Pulp
8/22/13 02:54 PM

Our friends from Nigeria and the Congo were married last year and their dowry party was very similar! The groom's family brought in case after case of beer, box after box of salt, and some other symbolic items before the "dowry" was accepted and the groom had to pick out his veiled bride from a group of other veiled girls. So fun!

Party Like a Burundian! A Burundian Dowry Party & Wedding Feast
8/25/12 03:31 PM

Is there a link to that yummy looking orzo on the side?

Grill Recipe: Blackened Beer-Brined Chicken Breasts Recipes from the Kitchn
6/12/12 07:48 AM

When I was searching all over the internet for a fruit that matched this description, I saw loquats but thought mine were too pear-shaped to be the same thing! Thank you, everyone! Now to make a cobbler with these yummy little fruits!

What Is This Mystery Fruit?Good Questions
4/25/12 10:02 AM