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Right??? The blogosphere focus on perfectly-styled interiors kind of messes with my head. Is it not equivalent to what fashion mags do to body image? These snapshots are really eye opening and remind me that I should probably spend more time enjoying the people and activities in my home and less time worrying about how my home looks. Good style photographs well but it's not what memories are made of.

Meet the Original Brooklyn Hipsters Dinanda Nooney Photo Collection at NYPL
2/8/14 12:27 AM

We're gathering info for a remodel ourselves so I will need to bookmark this post to reference. Lots of things to think about! Things that make me crazy in our current kitchen:

1) The minimalist Ikea kitchen facet (Tarnan pullout) directs drips back to the base so that there is ALWAYS a puddle that has to be wiped up on the counter.

2) Great functioning stove and fridge but with bowed (not straight) handles. It's a little thing but this seventies styling drives me crazy.

4) Fir floors scratch so easily (they're so far gone now with dog and cat claw damage that I barely notice any more); wish there was something more durable under foot.

Tell Us: What's Your Biggest Kitchen Design Mistake?
12/10/13 04:30 PM

Great looking wood but I'd be reluctant to bring it into my home w/out first removing ALL the upholstery and stuffing and checking it carefully for signs of beasties. Bed bug infested furniture often gets placed outside in this manner. One would hope an infested chair would be clearly marked but you just never know. Once you have them they are almost impossible to be completely free of so checking is important. Best of luck!

Tips for Vintage Chair Redo? Good Questions
11/15/13 07:53 PM

Curve Appeal, for sure. Oh please oh please oh please! If I won I would surely use this in our kitchen remodel as the backsplash. Heavens it's pretty!

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/20/13 08:12 PM

Very Torrance apartment (The Shining) but in a good way. Love it.

Stacey's \"Grown Up Lavender\" Room Room for Color Contest
10/1/13 07:24 PM

Shoe tree. Is. Brilliant.

Storage Ideas for Very Large Shoes? Good Questions
9/24/13 07:24 PM

Is the little loveseat frame going to be be-cushioned and used in that position on the right eventually? If so, I think the hairpin leg table (which is less narrow) works better than a skinny brass bamboo table.

The Coffee Table Battle:
Help Us Find Peace Good Questions

9/3/13 07:13 PM

One more vote for float it in the middle facing the windows with a pull down projector screen hung from the alcove beam.

How To Layout Bedroom as a Family Room? Good Questions
9/3/13 07:02 PM

Of course the worst case scenario is night time attack but the security company we spoke with about installing an alarm told us night attacks are a statistical anomaly. Most break-ins start with a knock on the door sometime between 9 am and 2 pm. If you have a barky dog or work from home during these hours you'll almost certainly deter them from going farther. For added protection, have widow brake detectors put on lower windows and major doors. If you want to rig up your own system there are countless products out there. Webcams pointed at major entry points are a good deterrent (many iphone aps will send you pics when your cam detects motion), motion detection lights in dark parts of your yard work well (our cats sets off ours all night). I jog with mace because I'm afraid of biting dogs but I then keep the mace near my bed at night.

Bedside Hammer: What's Your Home Security System?
9/3/13 07:00 PM

I slept in a loft with far less headroom for a couple years in college. I painted the whole area bright white, had all white bedding (the only colors up there were my bright orange pillow cases and a bright clip lamp), and slept with my head near the opening because it was unbearably stuffy otherwise. I started with nest-like pillows but found they were too crowding when I was trying to sleep and got in the way when I needed to reach for anything. You'll want to keep it SUPER minimalist. Having done this I would agree with many of the above suggestions. My opinion in summary: Stick to white walls/ceilings; use a good fan; keep the rails open so you can see out of the space (twinkle lights around them might make them look more charming); install a small floating shelf near your head for books, phone charger, clip lamp etc. Having it above you will keep you from clonking into it when you move around. You might also look for a thinner mattress. A good quality 5" latex mattress can feel as thick as a 10" thick regular mattress. Finally, feng shui, schmeng shui; a mirror will DEFINITELY help the space feel bigger lighter and if you don't put it on the ceiling it's not creepy ;)

How Can I Make This Lofted Bed Cozy, Not Claustrophobic? Good Questions
6/13/13 11:39 AM

What a joyful space! You've certainly succeeding in meeting the challenge of "creating an interesting home on a tight budget" Kudos to you and also to AT for selecting a home tour showcasing the triumph of imagination over budget.

Also, WHY WHY WHY can we not have Habitat stores in the US? So many stylish offerings (more "on trend" than Ikea) at budget prices. They would KILL here. Right???

Sophie & Scott's Bright Retro Retreat House Tour
6/12/13 02:32 PM

Oh good grief. What a bunch of fearful bourgeois nonsense. In my experience, the process of renting from Airbnb promotes transparency and honesty to a far greater extent than renting a room in a comparably priced hotel. I can't tell you how many times hoteliers have unrepentantly switched our accommodations "No, it says here you have 2 double beds. Not a king. Sorry, no king available at this time." I have never had anything but positive experiences on Airbnb. Why? Because both parties review each other and there are very cleverly designed protections in place; identities are confirmed before money is exchanged, and friends/family members can't create false positive reviews. Theft and bedbugs would be reported and, unlike most heavily-edited hotel review sites, people might actually hear about the threats. Because of the popularity of Airbnb both renters and owners can afford to be very choosy. This is a made-up, hot button non-issue, created by the hotel industry because they dislike healthy competition.

3 Things to Consider Before Renting Airbnb Guests a Room
6/6/13 12:30 AM

This one is, hands down, the BEST. Don't know how this popularity contest will play out but there is some true aesthetic genius at work here. Great job. Wow! If this is your first fixer upper, can your second be MY house???

Kiera's First Fixer-Upper Small Cool Contest
6/4/13 11:45 PM

Another vote for keep it. I do think your color needs to work its way up from the floor as well. Maybe a throw on the sofa w/ one of the prominent colors (my choice would be red). Any chance you can paint the frames around the monochromatic artwork?

Should I Keep this Bold Rug? Good Questions
6/4/13 11:40 AM

Excellent all around. Love high contrast black and white with bold pops of color. I'm not sure when watermelon supplanted tangerine as decorators go to accent color but I approve.

Kiera's First Fixer-Upper Small Cool Contest
5/18/13 09:55 PM

Nice color combos. Love the black and white art, the two tone orange blankets and the ocean/chartreuse pillows. Some people just have color genius. Looks like you're one of them.

Matthew's Nothing Else Like It Small Cool Contest
5/18/13 09:52 PM

Ditto Rob in PDX, particularly w/r/t the AT entries budget discrepancies. I love that this space demonstrates a rich personal history and resourceful use of found and handmade treasures. It's not at all my taste; my inner spartan recoils at the sheer volume of stuff in the apartment but you've certainly struck a chord with readers. It's relatable and accessible and doesn't look like someone took mom and dad's credit card to the closest DWR.

Danl's New Life in a Studio Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 01:20 AM

Howdy neighbors! I think I've seen this house on my Ballard jogs (we live up the street from you on 62nd--farmhouse w/ the tangerine door). You have a spectacular flair for color combinations. I don't have the gift but I admire it in others. I'm sure I'm not the only AT reader who's curious about The Dupe logo. Love it! What's the story? It's like your own family crest.

The Duplex, Left Side: Jared & Chika's Colorful Nest House Tour
3/23/13 09:36 PM

Here's another option akin to the turned wood pendent (West Elm) combined with origami shade (EQ3). This turned wood Pendant from Habitat is longer and more shapely while the shade is shorter and more interesting. I think the combined effect would be lovely.


Ideas for Ceiling Fixtures to Complement Decorative Molding? Good Questions
2/11/13 09:51 PM

I LOVED this when I saw it. I think the fixture base is West Elm and the Shade is from EQ3. http://gallery.apartmenttherapy.com/photo/julie-and-jesper/item/348681

Ideas for Ceiling Fixtures to Complement Decorative Molding? Good Questions
2/11/13 11:28 AM