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i halved it and it made two nice sized portions. we added 2 smallish sized salads and it was perfect (and delicious) for dinner.

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10/29/09 06:57 PM

it's a jielde, isn't it? (or a replica.)

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6/9/09 10:03 PM


i think that misha bk is probably referring to Dick Hayne's (founder/president of UO) now rather notorious donation(s) to former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum. (misha bk, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.) it hit the media a few years back.

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5/26/09 06:56 PM

a new recipe...moorish pork kabobs. pork shoulder rubbed with cumin, coriander, paprika, cayenne, tumeric and oregano. they smell good so far!

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6/11/08 02:48 PM

Not only does Zingerman's have great food; but they are a company that you can't help but to feel good about supporting. Locally owned and operated, they are known for being a great employer, supply their restaurant with locally, organically grown food all summer and established an extremely successful not-for-profit food rescue program for the county ( Although they may be a bit expensive; the are an important member of the community and the extra expense is well worth it.

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6/4/08 03:56 PM