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We did a week in Paris when my daughter was 14 months and had an amazing time! We had a lightweight umbrella stroller (borrowed a friends Uppa G-Luxe for the recline feature, but would have preferred my own Maclaren Triumph because the umbrella is sturdy enough to hold jackets when we're inside). We also brought a Deuter backpack carrier. We traveled mainly by bus and they don't make you take the babes out of the stroller for that. But when we did use the Metro, it was good to have a small, light stroller to fold up and carry. I noticed the majority of the French parents had lightweight umbrella strollers, mostly Maclarens. We liked having the backpack carrier for Montmartre because it has storage underneath, but the Ergo would have been fine. Can your toddler use it in the side-hip mode for better viewing? Also, we got the museum pass, which allows you to skip lines, but at many places (Louvre, Notre Dame) guards came and pulled us out of line and let us skip it because we had a baby. Awesome! We had several great meals where the waitstaff doted on our girl, but a few where she just had too much energy so we needed to take her outside to run some of it out. We did a lot of picnics and some meals at home (we rented an apartment with a kitchen.) I got a great deal out of a couple books too, as far as picking kid-friendly activities - Fodor's Around Paris with Kids and Urban Crayon Paris - as well as City Walks: Paris with Kids (a deck of cards with walking tours for all ages/interests.) I found it best to do one activity in the morning, go to home base for a break post-lunch and then head out again in the late afternoon/evening for something more laidback. There are several little corner parks and fun streets to explore that you could spend two weeks and not see any of the tourist highlights, but still have a blast! Hope that helps! Happy travels! - Rachel.

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