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So funky and fantastic! This piece went from being a piece of actual junk to an eye-catching functional piece!

Before & After: From Stale Stereo to Sassy Sideboard
7/6/14 10:57 AM

Very clean, very simple.

Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/11/14 03:01 AM

Teehee. :D

Before & After: This Busted Bed Gets Beautiful
4/1/14 03:24 PM

So cozy and clean looking! I would just add a little pillow on the couch, and snuggle in with a book or lap top. :)

From Wasted Space to Family Chill Out Zone Good Questions Revisited
2/25/14 07:43 PM

It looks amazing. Great job! So fresh and so clean.

Before & After: Josh's Thrift to Mid-Century Style Dresser
6/17/13 01:01 PM

Gorgeous! I say bust out the wine! I'd do a therapy session there with a bunch of friends and some fruit and truffles. Heck yeah.

Before & After: Charlotte's Colorful Connecticut Living Room
6/7/13 12:52 AM

I love it. I agree about the no rug thing. They get yucky under the table where everyone eats! I love the old light fixture, but with the freshening up, I can see getting the new one. :)

Before & After: Colorful Kids' Art in the Dining Room
6/7/13 12:44 AM

It's perfect for a nursery. I love the character, the knobs, and the stain you used on the wood. Very cute! If your child wants it changed in the future, it would be easy to update it!

Before & After: DIY Herringbone Dresser Henry Happened
6/6/13 09:16 PM

Not my taste at all, but what matters is that you are happy with it. I was a bit shocked when I saw the after, though. It would be a fun "before" to play around with.

Before & After: Cristin's Mod Podge
Buffet Makeover

6/6/13 09:11 PM

Truly a beautiful update! The door hinges do throw me off a little, now that I really look at them, but what does it's not my room!

Before & After: Ashley's Pantry Makeover DOMESTIC IMPERFECTION
6/6/13 09:07 PM

I love the white. I like the idea for the countertop, and although I don't like subway tiles, it will look nice and clean easily. The yellow tiles are not that special, peeps! I also love the paper lantern in the dining nook. I would LOVE to have a dining nook. We might have to build one. I love the stove, and the little details on it. The cupboards look like they could use some love, but in time (and with some money to spare for it) you can get it all done. Keep up the great work.

Before & After: Abigail's \"Can of Paint\" Quick Kitchen Updates Renters Solutions
6/6/13 08:55 PM

It looks more finished and cleaner. The floor is nice. Not huge visual changes, but it looks better. It's a very basic design.

Before & After: Christina's New Neutral Bathroom Front & Main
6/6/13 08:37 PM

Amazing! That is all...

Before & After:
Mandy's Handsome Bath Reno Canadian House & Home

6/6/13 08:28 PM

So true. Don't listen to the haters! It looks awesome. It's different and funky, and I like that. My husband would love this.

Before & After: Revamped 1970s Plywood Chair
6/6/13 08:17 PM

Very cute! I love the muted color with the bright details. We have four pieces that are similar to this that need to be refinished. I love seeing these posts. They are so inspiring. :)

Before & After: Dated Dresser Redo
6/6/13 07:04 PM

There's one comment on every thread....or more, but this one is easy to spot! I looks pretty cool to me. We have orange and yellow painted furniture from the previous owners of the house. They are in our daughter's room. My husband LOVES orange, so we are keeping them that way for a while. We might even just move those pieces to his workshop if we want something different for her room. This re-do is nice, and probably makes the owner very happy when they look at it. That's what matters!

Before & After: A Sad Dresser Gets a Second Chance Design *Sponge
6/6/13 06:58 PM

Great work! I does take a lot of patience to use that many nails. I'm sure the owners are very happy with the way it turned out. No bashing here. I have some pretty awful pieces that need some attention.

Before & After: An Art Deco Makeover Akicsihaz
6/6/13 06:39 PM

Amazing. I love it! I don't really know what else to say!

Before & After: Emily Henderson Transforms a Senior's Studio Space
6/6/13 02:16 PM

It's a very clean "after". What I like about it is that if you decided you wanted more color or different d├ęcor, you could simply change little things. I would have put in two small shelves over the toilet, and a small mirror over the sink. Using baskets hung on the wall as shelves would be cute. I definitely like the "after" better. To each their own.

Before & After: A One-Weekend Bathroom Refresh (+ Painting Tips from a Lazy Perfectionist)
6/6/13 01:58 PM

It's a lovely room! Very clean and simple.

Before & After: Simple Changes Make a Big Difference Design *Sponge
6/6/13 01:36 PM