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I do think the most important thing is that she likes it... but I just need to say it.... bird's eye maple!

Before & After: Vintage Table Turned Pretty and Patterned
7/16/13 04:47 PM

yes, you ARE fabulous!!! LOVE it!!

Sai's Glam Girl Pad House Tour
1/3/13 11:52 PM

The Outsiders! A classic!

Melyssa's "Vacation" Room Room for Color Contest
10/12/12 11:58 PM

Hello! Can I have a source for the great aqua rug? Please?

Janelle's "Tropics" Room Room for Color Contest
10/4/12 11:10 PM

Hey..... where's the stove top?? Am I missing something?

Kelly's "Boathouse Vintage" Kitchen Room for Color Contest
10/2/12 05:16 AM

Eames? Huh? Was there, like, a home somewhere in this post? All I saw was the good looking guy....

Jarrett's Architectural Rental in Echo Park House Tour
8/25/12 11:04 PM

I think this place is freaking amazing. I love the personality and uniqueness behind it. Max, ignore the haters. Rock on with your bad self.

PS: HOW did that cat get so adorable?!?

Max's West Hollywood Glamazon House Tour
6/11/12 06:04 PM

i've been looking for a sofa like the one in the living room! can i have the source? please? :)

Michelle & Howard's Thoughtfully Organized Home Small Cool Contest
4/23/12 11:12 PM