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why don't you use the area under the stairs as the entertainment hub...maybe even a fireplace--then put your sofa along the long wall....

How To Arrange Furniture In Narrow Living Room?
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3/31/11 08:05 AM

wondering who is the artist of that painting?
love it

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6/25/10 03:43 PM

this reminds me of a friend's book

pretty cool and tiny!

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11/24/09 03:21 PM

is this an ad? why would lynda reeve's mug be here?

I actually enjoy AT for its break FROM her and her banal design aesthetic (which is so broadly dissemminated across canada).

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2/10/09 06:37 PM

green with envy am I
of a print with such spectacular a sky

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8/28/08 12:47 PM

We once had a gerbil who died during the winter. My mom wrapped it in tinfoil and put it in the freezer --with the intension of burying it in the springtime.

One night, while sorting through the freezer looking for something to serve us for dinner, an unprepared babysitter came upon it! YIKES

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Passing of a Pet
6/3/08 04:24 PM