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I'm in SW England, Dorset actually, far from the 'bracing' winds of my home county of Lincolnshire. We've just bought a Hills Hoist, which we knew during our two year stint in Adelaide in the 60's (yes, we were £10 Poms - we came home because we decided not to stay where we weren't wanted).
We hadn't realised just how bloody heavy these things are. Simple to erect and take down for the butch Aussies, but impossible for my wife.
While I'm here I would like to comment on why do you Aussies go to Gallipoli to watch that pack of inaccuracies about how the Brits were drinking tea on the beach and letting the Anzacs take the casualties. Don't you know that anything Mel Gibson is concerned with must be pure fabrication, Braveheart and The Patriot for example? Never trust mad movie makers after a fast buck.
We've also lived in NZ. Nice country, nice people, but those tin roofed houses and woodburners are like something out of the stone age. The shopping malls are beaut though. We stayed in poor dear Christchurch (a much friendlier place than when we were in Australia) where we made one of the best friends we've ever had. I'd recommend those shaky islands to anybody - not all houses have tin roofs, only about 90%.

Cultural Exchange: Lessons to Learn from Australian Homes
4/22/12 10:47 AM