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Really need the phone, and its camera.

Win: The Lumia 925 Smartphone
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10/31/13 01:49 AM

These are all amazing spaces. But mine can never remain like this. The child just needs, it seems, a flat spot. These days the walk in closet has become her favorite place to draw and write. The table is always covered with paint, pencils, paper, and everything a child needs on a table. " We " clean up, but then, in the end, really, the beauty of the space is much less important in her life than the functionality.

I would really like to see some posts on AT , how places look when people really use them. Before clean ups ,and photo shoots.

30 Beautiful Kids' Desks & Workspaces Back to School 2013
8/20/13 02:24 PM

Just made it tonight for my guests, and yes, I made it with Quinoa. They loved it. I did not have white wine vinegar. Just used regular white one. And, also threw in some garlic powder. MMMM.. Hope the leftover taste as good tomorrow.

I would love to have more recipes like this one. Easy to assemble, protein rich, with summer vegetables.

Recipe: Chickpea, Barley and Zucchini Ribbon Salad with Mint and Feta Recipes From The Kitchn
7/1/12 02:07 AM

I also wish to see more posts like this on AT.
This is indeed inspiring.

Before & After: A Colorful Eco-Friendly Renovation for a Family of 29
2/9/12 01:34 PM

Our doctor actually advised against humidifiers for this reason only. Though our kid is allergic to dust mites, molds etc. What has helped is dust mite proof cover for the mattress.

Advice for Humidifier Causing Funky Carpet Smells?
Good Questions

12/19/11 11:54 PM

Wow! When is this book coming out?

NYChildren by Danny Goldfield
12/19/11 03:12 AM

Love the linen idea. I am going to keep that in mind.

Safe Bet Gifts For The Home-Minded
12/19/11 03:10 AM

Nope indeed.

Before & After: Old Chairs Turned Ornate Frames
All Things Thrifty

12/19/11 02:03 AM

I am burnt out too. We are Indians, so it started for us from October, then after a month long festivities, Halloween, and then the big move.

So, now, this holiday, since we are so tired, and so broke, we just have the smallest Christmas tree for the kid, a gingerbread man to decorate. Santa she says can bring whatever he wants.

I am just going to "hang", as they say in America, with my dearest and nearest.

How to Stay Sane & Enjoy the Holidays
12/14/11 12:00 PM

Anyways, any suggestions for an outdoor shoe storage unit that is not plastic or metallic? We need one in our side yard where the rain can hit the area sometimes.

10 Tips on Making a Mini Makeshift Mudroom
12/7/11 01:29 PM

I am one of those proponents. Can not understand dirty outside shoes that have been at every public bathroom stall, stepped on dog-poo, accidentally rubbed on a cigarette butt on my carpet where my kid is playing.
So, yes, I am a shoe-off proponent.

10 Tips on Making a Mini Makeshift Mudroom
12/7/11 01:27 PM

Just moved. I am going to try it. Love the idea.

Raid Your Child's Block Bin To Make Wall Hooks

12/4/11 07:01 PM

We grew up with the parents in the living room, and the kids in their own bedroom. We were from Delhi. To have a bed of our own is luxury enough, a room is sometimes a dream. But that was there, and now we are in USA. No judgment.

Next question.. since I am considering this.
How do we secure the closets to the ceiling in the bedroom video?

Small Space Solutions: IKEA's Idea-Packed Videos
11/20/11 02:07 AM

I have a trick for bugs. Take a bag of bouquet garni. Fill it up with some cloves, Whole red dried chilly pepper, and some whole Turmeric root. Store the bag inside your beans, rice etc. Age old Indian secret.

Stock Up: 13 Tips & Tricks for Buying Foods in Bulk
11/15/11 01:46 AM

Check them out. These are the Indian version of Elmo trained by Martin Robinson and Noel MacNeal themselves.

I hope I can see them once I visit India.


Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
11/11/11 09:36 AM

Check them out. These are the Indian version of Elmo trained by Martin Robinson and Noel MacNeal themselves.

I hope I can see them once I visit India.


Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
11/11/11 01:16 AM

Yes, thousands of Marie Claires can become clutter, and some of those "people" magazines I can see being a problem. But I would hate to put books as the first thing to be seen as clutter.
Sometimes, when I walk in a reader's room, it reverberates with stories, history, and yes, new ideas.
It is the other kitschy item, that we bought on our many trips way before we learned better that I would like to see gone.

How To Declutter Your Home
10/26/11 11:42 AM

We use steel glasses that we get from India.
Something like this,
Frankly, when my kid turned four, we gave up the special kid glasses for her. We have a drawer below where we keep the left overs. She plays with them in her play kitchen.

Good Real Cups for Small Kids
Good Questions

8/13/11 12:07 AM

You are inspiring indeed. This room makes me go ahead and take on the challenge. Seems like any child would be happy in this, as it would tell them how they are really wanted.

A Special Room for Imminent Foster Kids
Kids' Room Tour

8/6/11 02:44 PM

Lovely colors indeed. The felt party hat is cool! Is she selling them also, on etsy may be?

Best Kids' Parties: A Beautiful Backyard Picnic
My Party: Harper (Greenwich, CT)

7/9/11 03:05 PM