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I Love Christmas and I hate Winter. I want to drag as much of festivity as possible into our bitter January. Usually Jan 6th; this year, Jan 12th :-D

Weigh In: When Do You Take Down the
Christmas Tree?

1/16/14 10:38 AM

no flickr this time around? I'll have to get used to the hashtag generation I guess.

Day 1: De-Clutter and Clean the Refrigerator and Freezer The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
9/30/13 12:14 PM

where do we post pics to share progress

The Kitchn Cure Assignments The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
9/30/13 10:58 AM

The space has great bones, light and potential. I like the windows, old wood and hide away bed.

The peeling paint, unorthodox plumbing and busy clutter remind me of University days when you took whatever furniture or decor anyone threw your way. If you want to live young and carefree, I guess this really captures that feeling.

P.S. I love that AT posts a variety of homes; that's one of its strengths that really sets it apart from other glossy picture perfect home inspiration sites.

Heather's Funky Bohemian Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/4/10 08:06 AM

This is Liza-Ann from St. John's. I don't have a blog but you can see some of my dillemmas/ work in progress here on my flickr pool :

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Canada
10/23/09 02:37 PM

Having a 5 year old limits the length of time I can commit. What works for me is baby steps.

Last night I:
* purged 2 drawers
* emptied, cleaned 2 top cupboards and ran the dusty dishes through dishwasher
* sold 2 pieces of outdated furniture on Kijiji and moved seldom used wing chair to the living room. Love it!

I also now have a large grocery tote full for Value Village!

I feel very accomplished!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Canada
10/21/09 11:53 AM

My house is 73 years old and feeling it.

I have clutter tamed but my kitchen looks dated and drab. There are some nice features like original trim but yet it could be better.

I've been watching the Cures for 2 years; this is my first sign up.

I'm Liza-Ann from St. John's, Newfoundland.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board Canada#comments
10/13/09 08:14 PM

For this cure, I'm focusing on my kitchen. My inspiration comes from casual British country and granny chic.

I also really like Canadian designer Sarah Richardson for her clean functional furniture lines and her use of vintage pieces in new settings. I particularly adored Sarah's Cottage this summer. She uses old and new seamlessly and her rooms are functional first and then beautiful.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Fall Cure: Creating Your Vision Week 1 - Intro
10/13/09 09:34 AM

I have lived frugally since my divorce and I am happier in many ways. Easy changes for me:

1) Meal plan and buy only what I need so as to avoid spoilage and cut out overprocessed foods. I also buy bulk and store in easy to access pantry jars.

2) I eat out for special occasions only.

3) I buy gifts, clothing & household items from Value Village, online classifieds Kijiji, Etsy and any other thrift store, yard sale or bazaar that is in my neighbourhood. I like to wait for the right items and that way I appreciate it that much more.

4) Basic Cable as opposed to the wide range of options.

5) I wash clothes in cold water & line dry when the weather permits. This also avoids much dryer shrinkage.

6) I love books and I still buy them but from thrift stores, second hand bookstores or used online from Abebooks.

7) My sister is a farmer so I get local veggies cheaply.

"The trick to being happy is not getting what you want, it's wanting what you have"

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Are You Doing Without?
3/3/09 07:39 AM

One year I collected leaves, pressed them in a book & sprayed them gold. They made for a very beautiful tree.

Acorns and pinecones sprayed gold or rust and attached with a sparkly bit of string or ribbon would also be lovely.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Your Ideas for Quick, Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations?
12/3/08 02:27 PM

The first year in my house with a real "Full sized tree" I hosted a tree decorating party and asked friends and family to bring 1 ornament instead of a hostess gift. I suggested old and loved would be wonderful. We got a beautiful collection of old, new, home made and whimsical ornaments that created a very beautiful tree. It wasn't alot of ornaments but it was a very unique and eclectic start.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Your Ideas for Quick, Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations?
12/3/08 02:23 PM

"Classic" Must haves for my Home: (From Newfoundland, Canada)

Original art
Good lighting
Familiar photography
Books I love
Healthy plants
Warm throw(s) long chilly winters here
Warm comfy bedding (prefer duvet) & absorbent towels.
Comfy chair for reading (I prefer a wingback)
Comfy couch for snuggling
Enough glassware/dishware/flatware suited to your lifestyle
Solid wood bookcases

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 12 Classic Must-Haves Style at Home
11/15/08 03:37 PM

I live in the centre of St. John's (Capital City), Newfoundland,Canada. I have never labeled what I do but if I have something worth sharing, I put it out on my curb in a clean accessable box. It usually disappears within 2 hours. I have placed chairs, old bathroom vanity and sink, steel door, old bottles, wood ends from a construction project and a variety of household knick knacks. I also put out my recycling in clean see-through bags. There are a number of individuals who promptly collect and seem to appreciate the donations. Only once did vandals break up a Christmas table. If was then my responsibility to clean up the mess and dispose alternately. I have also grabbed freebies left on the curb. I don't think it's littering or lazy if you do it right.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Is it Freecycling... or Littering?
8/5/08 09:07 AM

I think Fruit Fly Pie ceramics are timeless and lovely.

For me home decor is dictated by my personal taste and style. I try not to be a slave to what's "trendy". I love owls and I don't care if they are hot or not.

I look to magazines and creative sites like this one for inspiration and ideas not to find out if I'm current.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Owl Planter via Etsy
6/6/08 08:56 AM

I have a very busy home with a feisty 4 year old. I carve out "Me Time" in my old comfy overstuffed wing back chair complete with mis-matched ottoman. I pour a chai tea and get inspired by my favourite magazines.

I also love a hot soak in my old tub. It has a generous slope that's great for the back. My indulgence is locally made TVal Cotton Candy body sugar or Cupcake soap. It's delicious.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Where's Your Refuge?
6/2/08 09:17 AM