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Apartment Therapy: Why would you post something like this in budget living? The more I read this blog lately, the more I feel like a have-not.

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7/23/12 09:56 AM

I say embrace bare bulbs and purchase some interesting looking bulbs with the fancy filaments, like the ones featured in the last restoration hardware catalogue.

Ideas for Covering Old Bare-Bulb Fixtures? Good Questions
7/6/12 11:52 AM

high gloss burgundy / deep red.

What Color To Paint Legs on Hollywood Regency Chairs? Good Questions
7/5/12 10:22 AM

I would stain it grey or a greenish grey. Something neutral but stylish.

Take This Dresser from Fug to Fab? Good Questions
5/8/12 10:07 AM

@WMJR, You sound like a landlord that I would not want to rent from because your automatic assumption is that the tenant caused the situation. I know that a lot of people can be irresponsible renters, and I'm sure you are constantly dealing with that frustrating reality. However, Mary's problem seems like one that could only be caused by leaky plumbing, not neglectfulness on her part. From a renter's perspective, it's a common frustration to move into an apartment only to find that problems like mold or water damage, which weren't apparent at first viewing, have been repeatedly painted over and ignored for years. And that frustration is compounded by a feeling of helplessness, being at the mercy of one's landlord. So from there, it seems that one only has two choices: to be forceful in making requests of your landlord, or to take matters into your own hands. Despite our requests to replace a leaky old shower head that constantly spews water from a crack in its neck, our landlord does not feel that the problem has gotten bad enough to warrant fixing. As a result, my husband has used electrical tape to try and seal the leak, which is only a temporary fix. If we had the money to fix this on our own, we would not be renting. The person who DOES have the money to fix this problem chooses not to. Therefore, it is our landlord's neglect that causes his own property to become damaged.

How To Make My Landlord Deal with Water Damage and Mold in Bathroom? Good Questions
4/20/12 10:44 AM