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It is a beautiful apartment, thanks for sharing your small and smart space, Judy.

Judy Ross' Urban Family Home House Tour
10/20/13 07:52 PM

We have a similar living situation with Judy - 2 boys (albeit younger in a 800 ft. apt in the city), and I completely understand city families and their choices. How can one feel bad for city kids? Their smaller space at home forces us and them to carefully choose and edit their belongings and toys, we devote our time to having experiences, not possessions. Our backyard is Central Park and we have tons of activities to choose from at anytime. We walk to work and have an amazing flex schedule to take them to these activities. No, please don't feel bad for us city parents. It's ridiculous, really.
I could never do suburbia, I think needing to drive to get a gallon of milk IS ridiculous and depressing but I don't feel bad for those parents: it is a choice.

Judy Ross' Urban Family Home House Tour
10/20/13 07:51 PM