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I have a deep nook that is 92 inches wide and I needed a workstation for my computer and my sewing machine. I was inspired by the modular desk I saw at Pottery Barn. But I didn't want to pay that price.

I made a desk out of two filing cabinets and a wood top. I found two white wood filing cabinets with sea grass baskets for drawers. Went to the hardware store and had them cut plywood for the top. Purchased some wood molding for the edges. The desk is slightly deeper than the little filing cabinets. I attached the molding, put the cabinets under it and left a small gap at the back to thread up cords. Painted it all white to match the cabinets. My top is actually a double thickness of the plywood and it is so heavy I didn't have to screw it to the bases. I put my computer behind the one of the filing cabinets and the sewing machine behind the other. Because I paid the extra $2/ cut at the hardware store, I didn't need any tools other than a hammer to nail the layers of plywood together and attach the molding. If you don't have somebody to hold things in place for you, then pick up a couple of clamps at the hardware store.

Originally, I was trying to find some cheap ugly cabinets but I couldn't find any at the time. The idea was the same but would have a fabric curtain attached behind the molding to hide the cheap cabinets.

The next step for my desk when I get more time will be to create a bookcase at the back of the desk. I have a fairly deep nook where this is located.

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