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Marinating a lamb steak (or beef) in Greek yogurt, fresh ground cardamom, oregano, and thyme, cooked in a cast iron pan. YUM! Adding a little butter never hurts too.

On Why I Think You Should Tell Us Your Kitchen Secrets Weekend Meditation
2/18/14 07:47 PM

I add ginger and lemon anyways, as well as green apples and cucumber to my kale juice. For the health benefits, but I'm sure without the additions it wouldn't be pleasant.

Avoid Bitter Green Juices with Just One Simple Ingredient
7/20/13 06:19 PM

Move in : )

How To De-Bachelorize Boyfriend's House? Good Questions
7/16/13 09:26 PM

I like making curry smashed potatoes (with frozen peas, coconut oil, and s&p)

In Defense of Curry Powder
6/23/13 07:22 PM

Growing up in southern Mississippi, They are traditionally served as a breakfast side dish with butter, salt, and pepper.

Grits, Demystified: A Brief Look at a Southern Staple
5/18/13 04:50 PM

My husband will lose his mind if i made him homemade tortellini. I will most certainly have to. Thanks for the post!

How to Make Homemade Tortellini Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/23/13 08:05 PM

I dig I dig!

5 Impressive IKEA Hacks
4/23/13 08:04 PM

Not digging it.

Spring Trend Watch: Soft Sheen High Point Market 2013 Preview
4/19/13 09:39 PM

Yes, the documentary on him is "Beauty Is Embarrassing". Really enjoyed watching it.

Paint with Words: The Unusual Canvases of Wayne White
4/19/13 07:04 PM

agree @Dyani

Victor & Adrienne's DIY Cabin in the Sky House Tour
4/18/13 09:39 PM

When I was a child and read directions to " hand mix" batter...well...I plunged my bare hands right in and started mixing : )

As an adult, that red, green, orange, and yellow peppers can be from the same plant.
They are different degrees of ripeness.
That there isnt a seperate green bell pepper plant and red bell pepper plant. Haha!

What Have You Been Most Surprised (or Embarrassed) to Learn in the Kitchen? Reader Discussion
2/26/13 12:51 PM

When i saw the look and ingredients of this recipe, i thought to myself...Divinity!

The ingredients posted are what make Divinity.

Growing up in Mississippi my grandma made divinity. I always looked forward to it, and remember her saying she could only make it when the humidity was just right outside.

So bad for you but so good.

What Is Nougat Anyway?
2/22/13 02:58 PM

Pretty room. I just hate the term "fashionista" !

A Bedroom Fit for a Fashionista Professional Project
2/19/13 04:56 PM

Thank you! These are good suggestions and i believe would break up my day a little and provide that 30 minuet oasis i most definatly need.

No More Sad Sandwiches: 5 Tips for Making Lunch at Your Desk Better
2/13/13 10:09 AM

I tend to think some of the selections are a bit silly.

I LOVE Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

I dont like Veducated, Fresh Ideas or Farmageddon, because they are more cheesy versions of already existing movies that are good such as Food Inc., Forks Over Knives, and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

Dive! is a neat movie that makes me think primarily about the humanitarian reach we could but don't utalize.

10 Terrific Food Documentaries To Stream On Netflix Tonight
2/12/13 04:50 PM

Poor Girl Eats Well.

Healthy, yummy and inexpensive. Every recipe includes a price breakdown!

Best Recipe Blog The Homies 2013
2/9/13 10:50 AM

I have been wondering this question myself lately.

I would love nothing more than to pay cards with another couple, smoke and drink at the ready, and with some good music on in the background. Rummy, gin, euchre!

I think the trick is to host game nights separate from a dinner (because you are sluggish after eating) and just have really yummy hours devours on the table during the card game.

Games: Good Fun or a Party Foul?
2/7/13 06:49 PM

I was going to post the same thing!

I was raised in Mississippi and this recipe seems off. I agree with what others have said and I will add that the beans and rice should mix, meaning there should not be white rice showing. Use the bean juice and mix everything together well! Yes, use more cajun seasoning! Don't quarter the smoked sausage, leave it in skinny rounds. Also, if you use garlic and celery, thats up to you, but people i know never have!

Classic Creole Recipe: Red Beans & Rice Recipes from The Kitchn
2/7/13 01:20 PM

Actually, over-ripe bananas are healthier. They have 8xs the cancer fighting properties as the firm, yellow ones I prefer to eat. Those brown spots are actually a good thing. This is not the case with diabetics, as the higher sugar content can be a problem. I throw my spotted (not moldy) bananas in my morning smoothie!

Is Bruised Fruit As Good For You?
1/31/13 09:22 AM

I agree with what others said about the term: "well curated". I feel that there are several words that us fortunate trendy people like to use and it's almost as if we use them thinking we are becoming more highly evolved. To sound educated, proper, exact. Give it a rest people. What do we have to prove?

Josh & Rae's Well Curated Home House Tour
1/30/13 06:26 PM