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So many comments on the bed frame. It makes me laugh because it was actually a rental from Cort Furniture as I did not have bedroom for this room originally. I think they call it the Danish collection (site is not working properly at the moment. Not sure if they sell this frame, but now I am tempted to buy it. I replaced it with a balinese style platform bed I was waiting to arrive.

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4/23/12 05:07 PM

Crestview doors are actually light kits that you add to any solid core door. You can do it yourself or, as in my case, a local independent guy in Austin who can put it all together for you. Crestview is mostly for mid century modern style ascetics.

I used a fiberglass door, but if I'd recommend using a metal solid core door. I did not ask the crestview guy to paint the inside of the door the same as the outside, we actually never discussed, I just assumed the inside would be white. But after seeing it green on the inside I came to love it.

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4/23/12 05:00 PM

closet doors are from Ikea, and while I like them, I dont think I would use them again. Believe it or not, they were not cheap and were a bit of a struggle to install. I think that next time I would save the money and install lightly stained wood sliding doors which are more in line with the MCM origins of the house..

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4/23/12 04:55 PM

The dining room table (bench, plus rug and desk‚ come from a Brooklyn store called Organic Modernism I love their products and I really love the table.

We shipped it all down from NY which was not cheap, but I am glad I did. The products at organic modernism are affordable while still being very nice and unique designs that I think work well with the house. I would have like to fit out the whole house with their products.

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4/23/12 04:52 PM

The light fixture was a last minute addition via my good friend John Cook who is the Austin based North American distributor of David Trubridge lights via his company Both are kiwis and his products are very natural and yet luxurious.

We lived in NZ for a bit and I used to work for the NZ Government so we have a strong connection to NZ.

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4/23/12 04:49 PM

Hi all and thanks for your thoughts and comments. I am the homeowner.

We initially bought the house for ourselves as we were planning a move to Austin in late 2010. The move ultimately did not materialize (I'll spare you all the details) but there is a good chance that one day we will make the move to Austin and live in the house. While I did list the house for sale late last year bc I was not sure what to do with the property, however we now plan to keep it for the foreseeable future and rent it out as a vacation / short term furnished rental see

We now plan to spend the odd week or two in the house every few months. Again, while we do not live there, it feels great owning the house and keeping connected to Austin.

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4/23/12 04:45 PM