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I justttttt got the TV from my sister as a bday present and have been toying with the idea of a wall mounting. It's slender enough to fit on the narrow white table you see under the botanical prints, @theresaclare, and I can angle it towards my bed or the bar. I've lived without a TV for so long (much to my students' disgust) but am on the verge of being totally cool again once I plug that bad boy in...

TV mounting suggestions, all?

Many thanks to @FRESHKELLY (and a cheers or two as well)!

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4/29/12 01:25 PM

(and @tremblingfinger!)

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4/27/12 11:54 AM

Thanks, @mockther!

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4/27/12 11:52 AM

WOAH! I am so blown away by the outpouring of comments! My home is my heart and I am so glad that I can share that with you all, even if only at a glimpse.

Although Winston remains unimpressed by this experience, he did purr in approval of your compliments. I actually keep the litter in a side nook in my bathroom, @ABRock @Tess09. I wish that I could have shared additional pictures to show the bathroom, but such is life! It's a smaller litter (despite the larger cat butt situation). It works out and is easy to keep clean. I tried one of those big, fancy litters for like.... a day.... but quickly went back to the traditional box.

As for my cat matching my apartment, @Gigi5555 - total coincidence! I adopted him on a whim after moving in and he's been fashionably camouflaged ever since. His little eating area is made up of a collection of bowls and things that have been a part of my life since childhood. He eats off of the same plate that I used to hide my veggies under as a kid. And yes, @clur, the picture is of me and my friend at a ridiculous party where they offered prom-like pictures. I drunkenly ordered a dozen of them and, in desperation to get rid of them all, added one to Winston's mess hall. It's been there ever since. I haven't heard any complaints, but he does seem abnormally drawn to my glitter ensemble... @grapevine - I love your thought process. :)

@Jess Ruhl24 @Bucklebee The paint in the main living area is called Dorian Gray. I actually went two shades darker in the kitchen and chose Anonymous. The closet doors are done in a high gloss Relentless Olive (all by Sherwin-Williams). I LOVE the colors together! I never knew that grey could feel so warm and inviting.

@FrankiesGirl is completely right - my purple desk chair is from Pier1. I bought it last mother's day so I'd have enough seats in my newly moved into place to host brunch. I carried it on my back at a light jog all the way home just in time to greet my mom at the front of my building. @ProfKD @nov6elizabeth

@ ProfKD, @HHRI, @ Cochrynn, @Sonje - A lot of the art you see in my pictures are my own. I'm a local artist here in DC and have an Etsy shop, too: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheDistrictGarden. I do botany, anatomy, and zoology drawings in pencil and ink. I'll be updating my shop with many more listings within the next two weeks. Most of the pieces I've done lately have been commissions, so I do take requests. :) If you're in the DC area this spring/summer, come check out the Columbia Heights Community Market Place in Tivoli Square! You'll find me nestled in there somewhere!

@kinski, your comment made my heart smile. I am so touched that you felt connected enough to my entry to write such a thoughtful, soulful response. Your words have really touched me and I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness. Sending my love all the way to you in Germany!

Tonight I'll be raising my nightly glass of whiskey to you, @Sonje! :) You know I'll need it!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


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4/26/12 05:22 PM