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I will definitely stand behind my door if there are several people passing by because our hallway is TINY. It's usually not to avoid social interaction, however.

I live in an 8-unit building, and we say "hi", but not much more than that. Friendly, but not talkative. That's fine with me, since I don't always feel like talking either. Our upstairs neighbor is an elderly gentleman who obviously prefers to keep to himself. One time he even wrote me a note and left it at my front door instead of just knocking, to ask if we could contact our management company via email about something that mutually affected both of our units, since he doesn't have email (apparently no one answered when he called the company). It was a little strange to communicate with him that way, but it made it clear to us that this person is less comfortable with a conversation, so we have respected that.

Do You Avoid Your Neighbors?
4/15/14 02:34 PM

My husband and I are also beer enthusiasts! A few weeks ago we headed up to Vermont specifically to try beer from the breweries that often don't make it down to Boston -- we even managed to find some of the elusive Heady Topper by Alchemist! If you're ever in Boston, definitely hit up the Trillium tasting room in the Seaport District -- they are a 1-year old brewery with a serious knack for brewing awesome beers. We brought home two growlers this weekend of their Four Point Ale and Dry Stack.

Looking forward to reading more from you! Cheers!

Introducing Tapped In: A New Beer Column at The Kitchn Tapped In
3/18/14 01:05 PM

I have a schnauzer mix, and this article fits him to a T! The best part is coming home to him after a long day at work -- he is an instant spirit-lifter! My life is so much better with him in it!

Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Totally Worth It
3/7/14 02:03 PM

My husband uses them to brew beer, in 5-gallon quantities. Yum!

How To Reuse Large Water Containers? Good Questions
2/21/14 12:39 PM

The match trick is super effective. We (had) to use it all the time in college, where the apartment I lived in contained 1 bathroom for 4-5 roommates (depending on the semester).

How To Make Fart Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Smells Go Away
2/10/14 04:55 PM

When I was a graduate student at UIUC, most of the bars near campus had an appetizer plate called "Irish Nachos". This had waffle fries in place of tortilla chips, and all of the normal nacho toppings. Although the potato nachos linked above are a much more classy version, so happy to see "Irish Nachos" (and a fond memory from grad school) here!

Potato Nachos with Smoked Raclette & Easy Lavender Honey Chicken Delicious Links
1/29/14 02:18 PM

I have a yoga class tonight, and after, I plan to turn on the radio and FINALLY take down my holiday decorations, which I just have not gotten around to doing. I also might keep working on finishing up the kitchen reorganization which began this past weekend (it's much improved, but just not quite done yet).

Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast The January Cure: Assignment # 10
1/15/14 09:58 AM

You have convinced me to make the cheddar olives for a friend's birthday party (also in Boston) this weekend! Thanks for the idea! Looks like a lovely party!

A Winter Glam Cocktail Party Gatherings from The Kitchn
12/27/13 12:40 PM

We have the Oneida Lincoln set, that I absolutely love. Especially the spoons (the right depth, as discussed above). They are a nice weight, but not too heavy. We changed our minds on our registry about 5 times before settling on this style, and I have had no regrets.

The Surprisingly Frustrating Quest
for Good Silverware

9/10/13 02:42 PM

When I was a student at the U, we would go once everyone moved into their dorms/apartments before classes began, and we used to always get the cheese curds, pork chop on a stick, Tom Thumb doughnuts, Sweet Martha's cookies, and the unlimited milk! What fond memories!

25 Delicious Things I Saw (and Sometimes Ate) at the Minnesota State Fair
9/4/13 03:58 PM

We rescued our dog several years ago, and he still carries "baggage" from abuse prior to us adopting him. Because of this, we always board him at the vet's. They can professionally deal with his anxiety issues in a way a pet sitter just can't. Also, during the day, our dog is able to just hang out with the vet techs behind the front desk at the vet's office, so he's around people and has gotten to know all of the staff really well. When we pick him up after a vacation, he's always happy to see us, but calm and relaxed, not stressed out. It really helps us relax while we're away, because we know he is so well taken care of.

5 Tips for Finding Pet Care When You’re Going to Be Away from Home
8/6/13 12:55 PM

We LOVE pickled beets! They really take a salad from good to great! Since we get beets in our CSA farm share, we pickle them ourselves. Divine!

My New Salad Crush: Pickled Beets
7/18/13 02:27 PM

We also do a Boston CSA (Silverbrook farm out of Dartmouth, MA)! This week we got:

Kohl rabi
Pea tendrils
Mixed herbs
Bok choy
Wonderful Hannah Bells cheese from Shy Brothers Farm in nearby Westport, MA.

We really enjoy pickling, so that's what we like to do with our kohl rabi (although I'll also eat it raw). Our strawberries are eaten as is, and the turnips will go into some Indian dishes most likely, as well as the kale. The cheese is best plain or just with some bread. Yum!

Enjoy your farm share!

Starting the Season with Greens, Beets, and Oh-So-Sweet Strawberries Cambria's CSA Box, Week One
6/27/13 05:52 PM

Check with hospitals or clinics, too, for donating. Brightening up a waiting room could give your plants purpose, and perhaps help some patients feel like they are in a cozy, homey space, instead of in a hospital.

What Do You Do With Your Houseplants When You Move?
6/24/13 01:38 PM

Bacio is my favorite gelato. GiGi in Boston's North End has a very tasty version!

Summer Recipe: Chocolate & Hazelnut Praline Gelato Recipes from The Kitchn
6/10/13 04:08 PM

Loose leaf tea. Bar soaps. Also, I cannot pass up locally harvested honey and honeycomb!

Budgeting without Boredom: Small Splurges
6/6/13 01:53 PM

Cream teas in England. You can't really find places that do good ones in the US. And, I still believe that the best feta you can find is only in Greece. Maybe it was just the awesomeness of the whole trip for me, but I just can't seem to find feta like that anywhere else...

Train Station Sandwiches: My European Travel Necessity
6/5/13 06:00 PM

We prefer low-key gatherings, so what we typically do is get a couple different styles of bread, cheese, spreads, and meats to serve with some veggies or fruit. Just stop by the grocery store to pick up the items, get home and slice the bread, and lay out the table with everything. People can then casually eat as we converse and drink, whether it's just a snack for some, or a full meal for others.

The Un-Dinner Dinner Party: How Much Food Should You Prepare?
4/5/13 03:59 PM

What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it! I have a 36-year-old burnt orange fondue pot that was one of my parents' wedding gifts, that was passed on to me in while I was a poor graduate student. My husband and I have created a tradition of using it for fondue at least once a year, on Valentine's Day. I will NEVER give it up!

My Uncool Kitchen Tool: Mom’s Mixer
2/28/13 02:54 PM

We had to get a land line after we moved into our current apartment. It wasn't the cell phone provider that caused our signal issues, but the fact that our building is built like a bomb shelter. Everyone who lives in our building stands outside to talk on their cell phones. For us, it wasn't a deal breaker because apartments are hard to come by in our area, and location and other amenities were more important to us than cell phone reception.

Apartment Hunting? Remember to Check the Cell Phone Service and Signal
12/11/12 04:09 PM