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This is house is so lovely! Relaxing, stylish, bright, eclectic and everything just ties together as though it was meant to be. Fab styling Peggy!

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2/21/14 04:23 PM

I try not to personalise as I am there to work and like to keep, work and home life separate. Most people at work (Local Government) only seem to have a photo. Perhaps it is different in the UK.

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2/6/13 04:27 PM

Lincoln for me it looks quintessentially English.

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1/30/13 02:31 PM

I love the kitchen and the gorgeous fabrics used throughout; great taste!

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1/29/13 05:24 PM

Just seeing that hello sign in the living room above makes me feel happy! Good post and oh so true....

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1/29/13 02:27 PM

This house is beautiful. You both have great taste and have used primary colours to make them look so cool!

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12/31/12 07:10 AM

If you sort out, wipe your fridge shelves and clean the outside once a week there is no need for this mammoth task every three months. Are people really that disgusting???

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8/24/12 04:17 PM

Spanish Olive just makes everything stand out in the room and harmonies well with the accessories. Good choice!

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7/24/12 02:08 PM

What a fab pad, so stylish and homely too; you have great taste.

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4/18/12 02:58 PM