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Concerning IKEA it's a privilege to live in Europe, esp. in Germany.
I basically grew up with IKEA. You never have to drive more than one hour to got to the next store.
Yet it can be nerve-racking ... depends on whom you're going with.
When you know that your shopping partner has a different view ... go "online shopping" in advance! It's much easier to agree on something at home - where you can take additional measurements - than in the actual store.
Then go to the store and take a look if the color is really the one you imagined or if the sofa is as comfortable as it looks.
It's so easy ^^

When have to go there, we spare some time just to go to the sofa section and hang out at the TIDAFORS ... it's so comfy and soft and awesome! Sad that we already do have a super cool sofa plus a tiny apartment :/

IKEA Meltdowns: Do They Happen To You?
4/18/12 03:31 AM