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I don't believe this, unless by unhappy you mean unable to take in all the wonders or art, performance, shopping, recreation, or food in one day.

New York is the Unhappiest City in America Design News
7/23/14 07:06 PM

Or turn the glass jars over so that they rest on the opening. It's all about looking intentionala.

Ideas for Lots of Empty Built-In Shelves? Good Questions
7/23/14 04:07 PM

I wish I had this problem.

However, I can think of several solutions.
1. A rigid symmetry. This would involve the same number of items on each shelf on each side. Also when there are few items, centering them would be a good idea. Example: five large books laying on their sides in the center of each bottom shelf. Above them four books. Nothing in the very narrow shelves, then three books, then two, then one. Then two identical clear glass vases in the vertical niches. All the other spaces can be kept empty
2. Books of identical color on each shelf with a mirroring of this in the other bookcase. Again use a rigid symmetry;
3. Create a collection of items of a similar color from items you already have. For example, you may have some blue bowls. Add a couple of empty blue water bottles, a couple of plants in blue cachepots, a blue textile neatly folded, the blue and white platter you got from your grandmother;
4. Glass jars, bottles, vases. Use an interesting inverted little jars as lids for a larger ones for the look of apothecary jar. I love the shape of the jar that my marmalade comes in, and I sometimes use them as candle holders by dropping votives in them (I don't light them in closed shelves, though). Jars of similar shape with votives in them = another collection;
5. Hang large framed art from the shelves. You can still use the space behind for storage. I currently have similarly framed art at the front of two of my bookcases: I love it;
6. Create altars. A statue of the madonna, for example, two candles, with a meditation cushion on the lowest shelf would indicate sacred space. The other bookcase could have one tall vase or candle, sacred texts, poetry, perhaps a singing bowl, and like that.

Empty space is your friend.

Ideas for Lots of Empty Built-In Shelves? Good Questions
7/23/14 04:04 PM

I had no idea furnishings came labeled "Men Only" or "Women Only." I'll have to be more careful in the future so as not to offend the gender preferences of my furniture.

Rich Textiles in Russian Hill Professional Project
7/21/14 10:05 PM

Line drying is the best for whites, especially if you live in Northern New Mexico. Nothing smells better than line-dried sheets and pillowcases. You just have to be careful not to overdo it by leaving the washing on the line too long.

How To Whiten Laundry Without Chlorine Bleach

7/13/14 07:57 PM

Probably a raccoon. They are smart, strong, and bold. And they work in packs. I'm a pacifist in the garden, except for raccoons.

How to Cultivate a Wildlife Habitat in Your Outdoor Area Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/13/14 07:50 PM

This home is fantastic. I think what I love most is the use of striped textiles; that striped rug is gorgeous. Also the use of shades of blue and red is so well thought out and reminds me of Baja California. Love it.

And welcome to the Bay Area. Glad you are enjoying the change of climate.

Darren's Castro Casa House Call
7/11/14 03:56 PM

OK. When can I move in? This is exactly the design vocabulary I admire.

What Makes It Work: A Seriously Stylish Studio Apartment Tom Delavan
7/1/14 03:36 PM

No. Please. Don't. Do. This.

Summer Crafts: DIY Crochet Frames Daily Fix
6/23/14 09:29 PM

The cleanest house I was ever in was the home of artist Will Masterson. His house and studio are clean and clear, yet he's always painting new work. Creativity and clutter are not twins.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/19/14 02:47 AM

As P2's earliest and greatest fan (many years ago he responded to a post of mine about teddy bears with kindness and wisdom), I'm happy that he is one of the judges. He has the "Eye" and he has heart: great combination.

Meet Our Small Cool Judges: Patrick J. Hamilton
6/18/14 03:36 AM

Actually, I love Mason jars. Cheap. Useful. Attractive. I'm filling one ribbons to go into my giftwrap box, as we speak.

Spot a Mason Jar? Play Pinterest Wedding Bingo Design News
6/13/14 10:22 PM

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the clean, masculine vibe, like an ironed oxford cloth shirt.

Alberto's Landmark Style Small Cool Contest
6/7/14 04:04 PM

I like color: just not on walls. The occasional splash of color on an accent wall is fine, but walls should, for the most part, be neutral. Color comes into a room through art, furnishings, and other decor.

How To Pick Paint Colors When One of You Hates Colorful Paint
5/23/14 05:06 PM

I rarely say this, but the before chair with tufting and nailhead trim is much nicer.

Before & After: The Million Hour Chair
5/22/14 01:56 PM

I love the mirror in the LR. Have searched and searched but, as yet, one like it has not appeared.

Will & Rebekah's Traditional with a Twist in Paris House Tour
5/22/14 01:32 PM

A mouse came in thinking he had a safe haven. My cat gave him time to get comfortable...several days...and then dispatched him. She does not eat mice: so uncivilized; she does like to hunt...and kill.

Help! How Can We Stop the Mice Invasion?
Good Question

5/22/14 01:28 PM

In paints, you usually get what you pay for: one coat vs. two, more easily cleaned, more pigment. $90.00 per gallon works out to about $00.25 a day.

Better Than Beige: 6 Nice & Neutral Wall Paint Colors
5/17/14 03:27 PM

Jute rugs are often beautiful but they are not easy to maintain. When given the chance I would opt for wool.

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Stylish Rugs for Under $500
5/7/14 02:52 PM

When we talked to a design/builder about redoing out kitchen several years ago, he asked what our budget was. When we told him "about $50,000.00", he said we could get a low-end kitchen with Ikea cabinets for about that much. So it looks like Jennifer did well.

Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation: What It Really Cost - A Budget Breakdown Renovation Diary
5/5/14 06:55 PM