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I have pink and light green tile in my (rental) bathroom. I feel like I could make one or the other work but the combo doesn't allow for a lot of the color choices you could do with just one of those. So I've just went with white everything (walls, shower curtain, blinds, towels).

Pretty boring but does the job.

How to Tone Down (or Play Up!) Pink Vintage Bathroom Tile
7/23/14 02:05 PM

Just unplug it and use it for storage as others have suggested. You won't want to mess with trying to plug it back in at such an awkward angle often.

But yeah I agree with others, I don't see how using a microwave is an issue.

How Do I Hide a Built-In Microwave? Good Questions
6/4/14 11:31 AM

I would move the couch from where it is. You currently have the focal points of the room (accent wall color and sofa) all in that space. I'd move the couch either to the wall where the piece of art is and then the chairs opposite or flip the couch and chairs placements.

I'd also move the map either to the accent wall or frame it. It gets washed out on the wall it is on. Hanging it on the accent wall could make it pop.

Then add a rug and larger curtains to tie the room together.

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 02:22 PM

My lab/beagle mix is allowed most everywhere except the couch and chair in the living room. However, he definitely hangs out on on them when I'm not home, so I keep a sheet on them when I'm out since he does shed a bit.

He doesn't attempt to get near tables or counters so that's no problem. He also doesn't beg and is content just just lay on a rug in the kitchen when I'm cooking.

He's a total bed hog though and I've entertained the idea of making him sleep elsewhere at night. But he's too cuddly.

Keep Out: Pet-free Zones at Home?
3/13/14 05:43 PM

There is an extensive list of stuff that I could list but like a lot of people have pointed out...that is just my taste over someone elses.

Things I cannot stand are the obvious dirty house (Seriously why invite people over? Isn't that embarassing?). The strong smell of pets (that smell that you can tell they've not vacuumed the pet hair or cleaned the litter box). And weird family photos. I personally see nothing wrong with having family photos up around the house but the weird ones are just...well weird. I'm talking anything that involved bare pregnant bellies or a family all dressed up as the same thing. Just no.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/27/12 01:53 PM

I live 6 blocks from IKEA while temporarily living in Tampa and I've learned to go in the store backwards. I hit the "As Is" section first, go through the marketplace and avoid the display floor as much as possible. So much more relaxing and that way I'm less likely to want a big purchase without going in knowing exactly what I want.

Of course, I'm like the others near an IKEA. If I want, I have the luxury of sleeping on it and coming back the next day/week.

IKEA Meltdowns: Do They Happen To You?
4/17/12 02:53 PM