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Hard to tell how big the damage is, but it certainly looks like you could fix it with an epoxy wood filler like PC-Woody. (

It's simple to use, moldable, paintable and bonds like iron.

Definitely wait a little while until you're sure your dog isn't just going to tear it up again.

Help! My Dog Ate My Windows!
1/13/11 10:05 AM

"there's something about an office with a desk in the middle of the room that's just hot."

Yeah, like Mussolini had. He was so hot.
Is it me, or is the writing around here getting insipid? It's a nice desk, but use your grown up words if you're going to blog about it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Scavenger: Danish Modern Teak Desk with Bookshelf for $340 San Francisco
8/13/08 08:01 AM

I think that frosted glossy mix would look dated really fast--the color too.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Reef Tile from Modwalls
8/11/08 04:38 PM

What makes it "modern?" It's a box.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Simple Modern Planter and Trellis
8/11/08 04:26 PM

Perfect, myyyyyywayyyyyy. It's Frankenstein; and not even Young Frankenstein, which would suggest a sense of humor or Duchamp-y silliness. I hate to imagine what other decor you'd need to make this piece seem attractive. "It's great--we'll put it next to the iron maiden."

If AT wants something different for that loft in the Meatpacking District, just get a steel truck bed toolbox and bolt a few wheels on the bottom.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Riveted Metal Coffee Table by Wisteria
8/9/08 05:53 AM

God that's stupid.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Global Warming Rug by NEL for Nanimarquina
8/7/08 05:08 PM

See, I assumed it was a shower.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Apartment Therapy LA Flickr Group Pool
7/22/08 04:47 PM

Vinyl. Maybe royal blue or green.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Should I Reupholster My Chairs?
6/19/08 05:58 PM

The flower baskets in Georgetown are great. They always make mine seem so inadequate, but I love that the BID does that.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: Fuchsia Flowers on Georgetown Street LampsWashington DC
6/19/08 05:49 PM

Yeah, this is one of the ugliest and worst-designed buildings in D.C.. The FBI building is another. Any other nominees?

Apartment Therapy New York | Brutalism in the City: Third Church of Christ, ScientistWashington DC
6/19/08 05:47 PM

Why is there always too much stuff in these homes? "Vast open space" is the last thing I think of when I look at these pictures. I think "yard sale."

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Liz's South African DenLondon, England
6/17/08 06:01 PM

So very many things.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA House Tour: Lindsey's Perfected Sophistication
6/13/08 06:14 PM

I think you would have gotten more yes votes if you had said it was from Dwell instead of Hallmark.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Ceramic Plate Garden Border
6/11/08 06:04 PM

I would have guessed Solvang.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! A House Love Story in Southern California
6/11/08 05:59 PM

Not hot, but interesting.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Split Headboard
6/6/08 05:30 PM

Rip 'em out and paint--destruction is always more satisfying

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Cheap & Easy Tile Solutions?
6/5/08 05:27 PM

Weekly sourced at the original site, overbroad and undersupported. That's the kind of flimsy generalization that will kill the whole "green" fad. Now landfills aren't so bad after all; two years from now will be a warning that composting is killing us all. People will get tired of following the trend and ignore all ot it, including the legitimate stuff.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Green Are Garbage Disposals?
6/3/08 05:02 PM

Yes, lots of modernist architecture in DC, including a ton better than this monster. Too run-down for too long, a design that attracts the homeless because of the huge sheltering overhangs, and a DC government that cannot do justice to decent buildings. Just because a famous guy designed it, doesn't make it a work of genius. And just because a local board of bureaucrats wants to preserve it doesn't make them right.

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Rebel: MLK Jr. Memorial LibraryWashington DC
5/31/08 07:14 AM