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I immediately think of green, ivory and brown with light blue. The ice castle look has been overdone and I don't think is a very inviting look for everyday use. The trends are really moving toward warmer, comfortable colors and textures. And you only need small doses of green for big impact.

Lorrie @

Color Scheme to Complement an Ice Blue Petrie Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
12/11/09 10:49 AM

Painting it all one color will open up the space but it's not a must. If you want to go with 2 colors, then make one an accent color and the other mor neutral. I would recommend the accent color in the kitchen.

Good luck in your new home!
~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Painting in an Open Plan Space?
1/6/09 03:18 PM

Ruched Cotton Voile will never look the same after washing so it looks good now but not so much later...

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy New York | Parachute Bedding Textured Duvet & Shams from West Elm
1/6/09 03:15 PM

I put a white kitchen in my home 10 years ago and it still looks new. White cabinets, white corian and stainless steel appliances leave a lot of room for color. Plus I installed some glass front cabinets so everyone can see my colorful china and cookbooks!
~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Adding Color in the Kitchen with Accessories
1/6/09 02:57 PM

I like the repitition of color and pattern no matter where you get your trinkets. I think it's much bettter than too much Santa and Reindeer!

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy Chicago | New from IKEA: For December Decor & Entertaining
12/11/08 01:42 PM

Woops, I forgot the fan! Make sure to avoid any with the multiple globes and choose something with a unobtrusive but classic look.

http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&productId=100578664&N=10000003 90401 501492 904

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Creating an Updated Space for Mom?#comments
12/11/08 11:47 AM

Here are a few ideas that may help:

1. Choose a color palette to gude you. You are fortunate to start with a neutral palette so take advantage of that fact. Perhaps pick up the teal accents in the fan on the wall. Gold, teal and accents of red are beautiful.
2. Replace the large picture between the two windows (it looks squeezed) and replace with a smaller one.
3. Remove the valances and replace with ivory drapery panels and iron hardware.
4. Per Colleen's suggestion, paint the chairs a dark brown, reupholster with a brighter fabric AND add some batting to make the cushions look and feel softer. Choose coordinating pillows.
5. The accessories above the mantel are too heavy and dark. Consider replacing them with a colorful painting and perhaps a small plant. Paint the brass part of the FP white so it won't distract the eye an put a basket with some winter berries at the hearth.

Good luck!
~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Creating an Updated Space for Mom?
12/11/08 11:42 AM

I think a "must have" list is just a magazine creation. For it to speak to everyone, it would have to be pretty broad, but then it would appeal to no one! Everyone has different priorities and that's the beauty of design!

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 12 Classic Must-Haves Style at Home
11/16/08 06:50 PM

Very pretty but I have to agree it might stick to your legs. The design has the same stencil effect as these benches:


~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Leaf Swing by Alberto Sánchez
11/7/08 09:48 AM

Room and Board has some great black sofas:



~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Black Modern Couch Recommendations?
11/7/08 09:44 AM

If you want to search for companies with modern dining chairs, please visit our site! You can choose any style on the right hand side:-)

MyDesignSecrets.com Modern Dining Chair search

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Open Thread 135 Chicago
11/5/08 06:48 AM

It looks so sterile I can't stand it. By nature, human beings like darker colors beneath their feet and lighter colors above. It's not how everyone chooses to decorate but it does produce the most comfortable designs. Just like nature.

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: High Gloss White Floors
11/5/08 06:45 AM

Love the lockers!

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Xing's Eclectic Bellevue Home San Francisco
11/5/08 06:42 AM

I would recommend painting the doors to match the walls. In a larger space where the doors and trim are more prominent I would paint them the same color but in these rooms, the less your eyes jumps around, the better.

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Color for New Closet Doors?
11/5/08 06:41 AM

Your countertop looks like it's a teal blue and if that's the case, here are my two picks:

Benjamin Moore Affinity Colors:
Exhale - AF515 (lighter blue)
Inspired -AF595 (lavender)

Don't choose a color that is the same intensity as the blue or they will compete with each other. Better to use one a bit lighter.

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Color Suggestions for my Kitchen?
11/4/08 12:34 PM

I think it's a great idea. Even when replacing cabinetry I encourage my clients to replace some of the lower cabs with drawers. Just make sure you put light stuff like utensils and linens in the top drawers because heavy things are awkward to remove.

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy DC | Dresser in the Kitchen
11/4/08 06:44 AM

The Abby sofa looks the best but I bet it's not very comfortable. A sofa is not something you want to go cheap on. It will cost more in the long run.

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy New York | Best of Three: Cheap Knockoff Sofas from Chiasso
11/4/08 06:39 AM

That tent is very cool. There is something wonderful about hiding out from the world. Check out some of these hideaways:-)

Alternative Living Quarters

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Spaces Canadian House & Home
11/4/08 05:15 AM

Though I know you probably don't want to hear this at this stage in the process, I think that replacing the slate with a modern tile is going to get you where you wan to go. Since you hae a more modern esthetic, it will put a twist on the traditional look. A few things to consider:

- The black firebox won't be black for long. It will get gray and ashy. Leave it as it.
-If you paint the hearth white, it is going to be totally devoid of character.
-Choose a glass or ceramic tile that has a modern look. Choose tiles that are a decent amount larger or smaller than the brick size. Not too close.

Good luck!
~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: How To Finish Our Fireplace Makeover?
11/4/08 05:14 AM

It looks horrible. Just based on the style of the steps and the bannister, it it totally out of place. I cannot help but think of a disco ball.

~Lorrie @ MyDesignSecrets.com

Apartment Therapy New York | Mirrored Stairs!
11/1/08 12:09 PM