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Greetings, Arnolds Brownberry bread eaters!
I have been trying to find Arnold's website, or their contact to write them, to let them know that I am just elated to see my bread come back! I am 62 years old, and since Pa left the bakery in 1950, we have eaten ONLY Catherine Clarks famous Brownberry bread! Then a few years ago or so, I was mortified to see Brownberry bread no longer available! Being a bakers son, I know good bread, and almost all of the breads you buy in the stores and many bakeries today, is junk. Cheaply made, no taste, horrible! Most of the bread tastes like eating cardboard (for those breads that have any flavor). I sincerely hope that Arnold's will carry on with the ONLY bread that I eat, for many years to come. It is sooo good, yum! Only problem, is Walmart where we shop only shelves 6 loaves at a time, and 50% of the time I shop and look to get Arnold's bread, it's gone! I don't see how anyone can eat all the junk bread that is out there today! That's not bread! Oh, about the Walnut problem, simple, just mark the package with walnuts in it, so those who are alergic to walnuts know, and won't eat the bread. Simple! But everyone knows today, that so many people are sue happy! I thank Arnold bakeries for bringing back the number 1 best facory bread ever made! Oh, I thought I would let everyone know. The Catherine Clark Bakery company was only 35 miles from our home, in Wisconsin!

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5/30/08 09:56 PM