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Favorite entree by far.

Stacey's \"Grown Up Lavender\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/16/13 02:02 PM

To clarify, it's in Manhattan.

The Cheapest Rent I Ever Had
9/5/13 12:44 PM

My current place: $548 rent-control for 540 sq. ft. in Midtown West. It's not an apartment with good bones in a beautiful building on a gorgeous street, but I'm grateful for it every day.

The Cheapest Rent I Ever Had
9/5/13 12:43 PM

This is a spectacular home. Where can I find your art, Jasna?

Jasna's Art at Home House Call
9/3/13 06:29 PM

That sofa sounds amazing, Chenell.

I've never taken anything off the street, but my ex got a beautiful antique victrola cabinet (bed-bug free) about 20 years ago that he gave me after we split. It's the best piece that I own. If I ever found someone who could recover it, it'd be stunning.

What's Your Best Curb Find Ever?
8/30/13 09:35 AM

I also think the oven makes the kitchen. Truly gorgeous piece.

Behind the Scenes on a Home Renovation Reality Show Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine
8/20/13 11:43 AM

The third photo is sickeningly cute! I'll take the dog.

Pet Beds with People Style
8/20/13 10:35 AM

I also like the colorblock version (though I didn't expect to). It really complements the woodgrain of the trunk and the flooring.

Windowless Foyer: The Darker the Better? Good Questions
8/19/13 04:06 PM

Black. Second choice: gray. I agree about the Christmas trees. They'd be great in the winter, but you'd want to redecorate once the holidays were over.

Alison's Wall Pattern Project: Help! Color?
8/12/13 05:45 PM

Thanks for showing us your finalists! I'm most drawn to Light French Gray, but also like Mindful Gray in a room with a lot of light. Good luck in your decision-making! I can't wait to see the before and after.

Julia's Dining Room Paint & Pairing:
Sultry Gray Walls & Warm Brown Shelf
Liveblogging the Style Cure

8/12/13 01:36 PM

Gorgeous home, gorgeous use of blue: it's an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.

Kristen & Michelle's Modern Bohemian House Tour
8/8/13 03:36 PM

I need to make my bedroom more reflective of my personality or at least my aesthetic tastes. Right now, it's not a tranquil space, just a boring one. I aspire to make it spa-fresh (without the mugginess).

Day 3: Choose Your Room, Sit for 10 Minutes & Take Before Photos Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/5/13 10:42 AM

It is a gorgeous green. Great choice, homeowners!

Liz's 1926 Sears Craftsman Home House Call
7/30/13 06:25 PM

Oops, I meant "Benjamin Moore's."

Irina's Modern Xanadu House Tour
7/30/13 01:35 PM

What a beautiful home you have, Irina. I'm in awe of your wall of books: it's such an inviting space, a true wardrobe to Narnia. I'd never thought that my love of mixing patterns might come from my father, who is Russian, but it makes me smile to think he may have had a role in shaping me aesthetically and not just intellectually. Benjamin and Moore's Smoke and Mirrors paint looks amazing on your walls and inspires me have my own apartment painted finally. Thanks so much for sharing your home!

Irina's Modern Xanadu House Tour
7/30/13 01:34 PM

I actually think this is the best Glidden makeover. The room looked rather bare before, lacking personality, but the blue pulls it all together and makes it incredibly inviting. Bravo! I hope the family enjoys their new space.

Before & After: Sarah and Sam's \"Modern Family\" Room Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/29/13 12:57 PM

Clear blue sky because it'll help the living room remain open and airy. They narrowed it down to three great choices, though, so the room should look wonderful whichever they choose.

Before: Sarah and Sam Want a Light and Bright Family Room Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/24/13 11:31 AM

I often find that the places that look the most tempting as reading nooks are often just not comfortable enough to truly enjoy and immerse myself in what I'm reading. But they're lovely to look at from my relatively unattractive but very functional desk area, where I actually do most of my reading.

The nook under the stairs featured here, however, would have been a dream for me as a kid.

Creating an Escape at Home: Reading Nooks
7/19/13 12:00 PM

This home is a dream (and, for once, I'm just as impressed by the products of the company associated with the owner). Of course the home furnishings are out of my price range--who knows, maybe I can't even afford the fabric she designs--but this home can inspire people of any income level. I'll keep this home in mind when I figure out how to pull together my bedroom during the upcoming Style Cure (no, not by putting a bunch of pillows on my bed, but by giving life to my room through texture and pattern without overwhelming it).

Anne & Richard's Loving Renovation
at the El Dorado House Tour

7/18/13 04:40 PM

According to Emily Henderson's blog, that rug is from West Elm.

It seems I chose the wrong size rug in my own apartment (god forbid, my rug is the same length as my sofa), but the dimensions have never bothered me nor struck me as ill-suited to the room. Sure, i could have achieved rug perfection if I'd researched this beforehand, but it would be odd if I had to get everything just right, no? I'm too fussy already.

Rock the Right Rug: Which Size Should You Choose? Emily Henderson
7/17/13 12:32 PM